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SQL Sync from Red Lion Allows Customers to Send Plant Floor Data from G3 HMIs Directly to a Microsoft® SQL Server® Database

YORK, PA—May 6, 2011—Red Lion Controls, Inc. announces SQL Sync, a new feature of the company’s advanced programming software, Crimson® 3.0. The SQL Sync service allows customers to synchronize logged data from their G3 HMIs directly with Microsoft’s® SQL Server® , eliminating the need for third-party software or a custom script.

“Red Lion’s G3 Series HMIs are industry-leading solutions for machine data collection and management, providing advanced features such as multiple protocol conversion, remote control via the embedded web server, and the ability to log data and user activity,” said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion Product Manager. “Now, with SQL Sync, users can have their logged data synchronized with SQL Server.”

Once it is synchronized with the database, logged data can be used to improve the following functions:

  • Inventory control
  • Production scheduling
  • Quality improvement initiatives

SQL Sync is available on the 8", 10" and 15" G3 Series HMIs. These advanced operator interfaces reliably bridge the gap between automation and IT by offering dual Ethernet ports. An engineer can assign a fixed IP address to the port connected to the appropriate PLCs, drives and more, and IT personnel may either choose their own IP address or select DHCP to configure the enterprise port.

The G3 Series HMIs, along with Red Lion’s other data management products, are programmed via the company’s free Crimson 3.0 software. Crimson’s drag-and-drop interface is an efficient, user-friendly platform that allows programmers to quickly configure protocol conversion, data and event logging, and remote system access.

Learn more and download a copy of the newest version of Crimson 3.0 at www.redlion.net.

Red Lion Controls, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial control solutions worldwide. Products include protocol converters, operator interface panels, process controllers, digital/analog panel meters, sensors, and signal conditioning. For more information, or to find the Red Lion distributor nearest you, go to www.redlion.net or contact: Red Lion Controls, Inc., 20 Willow Springs Circle, York, PA 17406; (717) 767-6511.

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