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Product Cross Reference
Competitors Cross Reference
Red Lion Product Replacement Guide
Encoder New Part Number Cross Reference
IM and Apollo to PAX and PAX Lite Cross Reference

:: Product Cross Reference ::
Search by a competitor's part number in the Competitors Cross Reference to find a corresponding Red Lion product to precisely suit your application. Already a Red Lion customer? Get updated with the newest panel meters by searching the Apollo / IM to Pax and Pax Lite Cross Reference.

Red Lion manufactures the largest offering of panel meter products in the industry!
Check out our easy to use Panel Meter Selector for more options, or contact our Technical Support team as to whether we may have a better or more cost effective solution for your application.
:: Competitor Cross Reference ::
Part Number:

Disclaimer: Crosses between manufacturer's products are never an exact match. Several differences may exist that could cause damage to the product, the system it is installed in, or personnel. Each product cross includes notes to suggest some areas of operation, features, or options that may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Use the link provided with each RLC part number to research our suggested cross to determine which units have the features or options needed to solve your application.


The * symbol is a wild card symbol indicating that can any character can be in that location.

:: Red Lion Product Replacement Guide ::
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:: Encoder New Part Number Cross Reference ::
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:: IM / Apollo to PAX / PAX Lite Cross Reference ::
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