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The most common questions
How can I obtain literature for my Red Lion product?
Our extensive literature library consists of manuals, data sheets, installation considerations, and application notes for each of our products. All literature for Red Lion products is available on our website. From the home page, click on support then literature. Here you will find an alphabetical listing of all literature available for each product. Downloadable data sheets and manuals are also available on each product page below the bulleted product description. Alternatively, you may fill out the literature request form to have literature mailed to you.
I am in need of technical assistance, who do I contact?
If you need assistance with product selection, a product cross from either another Red Lion product or a competitor's product, have product functionality questions, or need to obtain a repair order number, contact your local Red Lion distributor directly. If you are experiencing problems using a Red Lion product and need assistance, call or e-mail the Red Lion Technical Support Department.
My unit failed, how do I get it repaired?
All product repairs are done through an authorized Red Lion distributor. Select the distributor nearest you to obtain a Repair Order (RO) number. When packaging the unit for return, please include a detailed description of the malfunction. Also, be sure to clearly write the RO number on the outside of the box. Following these instructions will allow us to repair your unit quickly with the least expense to you.
What is an HMI?
HMI, or Human Machine Interface, is a product designed as a visual representation of a process or system. Typically connected to a PLC, it enables the user to monitor and control the process or system. Red Lion has a complete line of HMIís consisting of standard text all the way to graphical interfaces with touch screens. One of the many advantages of using the Red Lion HMI is the ability to run multiple protocols simultaneously. The Red Lion HMI can be communicating with the system PLC via one of the RS-232 ports and also be monitoring and controlling a network of temperature controllers via the RS-485 port. If you wish to connect your system to your company's internal information system by using the G3 line of HMI units, simply plug into the units Ethernet port. The G3 units have a built in web browser, giving you the ability to log data, create custom web pages, or control your system from a remote location.
I am currently using a competitorís product but would like to use Red Lion, how do I find the Red Lion product to best suit my application?
There are several ways to obtain this information. The best place to start is the Red Lion Controls website www.redlion.net. Go to Support, and use either the Product Cross Reference or Product Selection Guide. Our Product Cross Reference has hundreds of our competitorís part numbers in its database. If a direct cross to a Red Lion product exists it will return the Red Lion part number as well as some important information and notes regarding the differences in the two products. If a direct cross does not exist, you will be directed to contact the Red Lion Technical Support Department for further assistance. You may also try using the Product Selection Guide. By answering a few simple questions about your application, we will recommend the best Red Lion product to solve you application.

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