Sensor Product Comparison

Part # Function Input Output Type Temp Range Sheath/Insulation Material Connection PPR Quadrature Shafts Case Construction Size/Range Min. Gear Pitch Mounting
CTL0052S AC Current Transducer 2 to 5 A 4 to 20 mA Split Case
ZBG06003 Standard Duty, Single Channel M12 600 Shaft Mount
ZCG0120C General Duty, Dual Channel Cable 120 Shaft Mount
ZLZ0050G Linear Measurement 50 6-Pin MS 50 Yes 50 Inches
ZFG33/3C General Duty Length Measurement 10 Foot Cable 33.333 No Single
ZGH0500C General Duty Length Measurement 10 Foot Cable 500 Yes Dual
MP25TA00 General Duty Magnetic Pick-ups 6 Inch Wires 1/4" Threaded 48 D.P.
PSA2B000 General Duty Proximity Sensors Inductive 2 Meter Cable Plastic 30 mm Threaded
TMPEQD03 Quick Disconnect Probes E 304SS 1/8
TMPKQD04 Quick Disconnect Probes K Inconel 600 1/8
TMPRT002 Pipe Plug RTD Sensors 230°C / 450°F Neoflon PFA Pipe Plug RTD Sensors
CTL0501F AC Current Transducer 10 to 50 A 10 VDC Fixed
ZBG10002 Standard Duty, Single Channel 6-Pin MS 1000 Shaft Mount
ZCG0200C General Duty, Dual Channel Cable 200 Shaft Mount
ZLZ0500G Linear Measurement 500 6-Pin MS 500 Yes 51 Inches
ZFH0100C General Duty Length Measurement 10 Foot Cable 100 Yes Single
ZMD0250B Miniature Length Measurement 2 Meter Cable 250 Yes
MP37CA00 General Duty Magnetic Pick-ups 8 Inch Wires 3/8" Cylindrical 32 D.P.
PSA6B000 General Duty Proximity Sensors NPN OC 2 Meter Cable Plastic 8 mm Threaded
TMPEQD04 Quick Disconnect Probes E Inconel 600 1/8