SUB-CUB2 Display/Counter Module

Part #: 



  • Sub Cub


  • Display/Counter Module
  • 26 mm x 48 mm
  • 6 Digit, 0.35" (8.9 mm) LCD
  • Solderless Elastomeric Interconnects
  • Ultra-low Power
  • Latchable Display w/Leading Zero Blanking
  • Count Rates to 10 KHz
  • Red Lion

Software & Firmware: 

Red Lion
Price: $35.00


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Cable Assemblies

HWK70000 - MDM Cable Assembly for MDMU & MDMV


TCM10000 - TCM1- Triac Converter Module, 115 VAC
VCM10000 - VCM1- Voltage Converter Module, 4-50 V AC/DC
VCM20000 - VCM2- Voltage Converter Module, 50-270 V AC/DC

Panel Bezel Kits

HWK30000 - Panel Bezel Kit without PC Board & Cable for SCUB2
HWK40000 - SCUB2- Panel Bezel Kit with PC Board & Cable


SNUB0000 - SNUB- R-C Snubber Inductive Load Supressor

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SCUB2000 SUB-CUB2 Display/Counter Module

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