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BMK11- CUB5 or MLPS DIN Rail Base Mount Adapter Kit
BMK6- Open Base Mount Kit for CUB4, CUB5 & DT8
BMK7A- Closed Base Mount Kit for CUB5 with MLPS
BMK8- Base Mount Kit for CUB7
BMK9- DIN Rail PAX® Base Mount Kit
BNL2- 3 Volt Lithium Battery - G3 & Paradigm
BNL3- 3 Volt Lithium Battery
Cable Adaptor G307K2 RS-232 Auxiliary Male (COM3)
Cable Adaptor G307K2 RS-232 Female (COM1)
Cable Adaptor G307K2 RS-232 Female COM2 Programming
Cable Adaptor G307K2 RS-485 4-Wire Only Male COM1
Cable Adaptor G307K2 RS-485 Auxiliary Male COM3
Cable Adaptor G307K2 RS-485 2-Wire Male COM1
Cable Adaptor G304K2 RS-485 Auxiliary Female COM3
CUB5COM- RS-485 Serial Communication Card for CUB5
CUB5COM- RS-232 Serial Communication Card for CUB5
CUB5RLY- Single Relay Option Card for CUB5
CUB5 Dual Sinking Output Card
CUB®5USB- CUB5 USB Programming Card
ENC00007 - Fiberglass Enclosure for G07 Graphite® HMI
ENC00009 - Fiberglass Enclosure for G09 Graphite® HMI