Sensor Product Comparison

Part # Function Input Output Type Temp Range Sheath/Insulation Material Connection Shaft/Bore Size Case Construction Size/Range Mounting
RRDC2000 Miniature Photo Sensors Retroreflective 2 Meter Cable Up to 21'
TMPEQD02 Quick Disconnect Probes E Inconel 600 1/16
TMPKQD03 Quick Disconnect Probes K 304SS 1/8
TMPKTJ06 Transition Joint Probes K XL 1/16
CTR20000 True RMS AC Current Transducer 200 A 4 to 20 mA Split Case
ARCJ1A00 Motor Ring Kits Magnetic 5/8" 56C
HESS0000 Hall Effect Sensors NPN OC Stainless Steel 3/8" Cylindrical
TMPEQD03 Quick Disconnect Probes E 304SS 1/8
TMPKQD04 Quick Disconnect Probes K Inconel 600 1/8
TMPRT002 Pipe Plug RTD Sensors 230°C / 450°F Neoflon PFA Pipe Plug RTD Sensors
APSCM010 DC Current Shunt 10 A to 100 mV
CTSF0000 AC Current Operated Switch 1 to 150 A Switch Fixed
ARCJ1AZ0 Motor Ring Kits Hess 5/8" 56C
PSA1B000 General Duty Proximity Sensors Inductive 2 Meter Cable Plastic 1.5 mm Cylindrical
TMPEQD04 Quick Disconnect Probes E Inconel 600 1/8
TMPKQD05 Quick Disconnect Probes K XL 1/8
TMPE2SU2 Field Cuttable Sensor Probes E -200° to 430°C / -328° to 800°F Fiberglass
APSCM100 DC Current Shunt 100 A to 100 mV
CTSG0000 AC Current Operated Switch .75 A Switch Fixed
ARCJ1B00 Motor Ring Kits Magnetic 7/8" 143TC, 145TC, 182C, 184C