Sensor Product Comparison

Part # Function Input Output Type Temp Range Sheath/Insulation Material Connection PPR Shaft/Bore Size Case Construction Size/Range Min. Gear Pitch Mounting
ZBH06003 Standard Duty, Dual Channel M12 600 Shaft Mount
ZDH1200H 2" Flange Mount, Dual Channel 7-Pin MS 1200 Shaft Mount
ZOD0060A 36" Cable 60 0.25" Thru Bore
ZPJ0060A 36" Cable 60 0.625" Thru Bore
ZUJ1024Z Motor Feedback 10-Pin MS 1024 0.625" Thru Bore
ARCJ1B00 Motor Ring Kits Magnetic 7/8" 143TC, 145TC, 182C, 184C
PSA2B000 General Duty Proximity Sensors Inductive 2 Meter Cable Plastic 30 mm Threaded
TMPJ2SU1 Field Cuttable Sensor Probes J 0° to 260°C / 32° to 500°F Neoflon PFA
TMPKUT01 Handle Probe Thermocouples K 900°C / 1652°F
CT004001 Current Transformer 40:0.1 A Fixed
CTSS0000 AC Current Operated Switch 1.75 to 150 A Switch Split Case
ZCG0001C General Duty, Dual Channel Cable 1 Shaft Mount
ZDH2000H 2" Flange Mount, Dual Channel 7-Pin MS 2000 Shaft Mount
ZOD0100A 36" Cable 100 0.25" Thru Bore
ZPJ0100A 36" Cable 100 0.625" Thru Bore
ZUJ2048Z Tether Arm Motor Feedback 10-Pin MS 2048 0.625" Thru Bore
LMPC0000 Stainless Steel Magnetic Pick-ups NPN OC 10 Foot Cable 0.75" Cylindrical 24 D.P.
ARCJ1BZ0 Motor Ring Kits Hess 7/8" 143TC, 145TC, 182C, 184C
PSA6B000 General Duty Proximity Sensors NPN OC 2 Meter Cable Plastic 8 mm Threaded
TMPJ2SU2 Field Cuttable Sensor Probes J 0° to 370°C / 32° to 700°F Fiberglass