Sensor Product Comparison

Part # Function Input Output Type Temp Range Sheath/Insulation Material Connection PPR Shaft/Bore Size Quadrature Shafts Size/Range Mounting
TMPEQD03 Quick Disconnect Probes E 304SS 1/8
TMPKQD04 Quick Disconnect Probes K Inconel 600 1/8
TMPRT002 Pipe Plug RTD Sensors 230°C / 450°F Neoflon PFA Pipe Plug RTD Sensors
APSCM010 DC Current Shunt 10 A to 100 mV
CTSF0000 AC Current Operated Switch 1 to 150 A Switch Fixed
ZBH06002 Standard Duty, Dual Channel 6-Pin MS 600 Shaft Mount
ZDH1000H 2" Flange Mount, Dual Channel 7-Pin MS 1000 Shaft Mount
ZNH2500H 2.5" Flange Mount, Dual Channel 7-Pin MS 2500 Shaft Mount
ZOH2500A 36" Cable 2500 0.375" Thru Bore
ZSD2500A Servo Mount, Dual Channel Cable 2500 Shaft Mount
ZFG0012C General Duty Length Measurement 10 Foot Cable 12 No Single
ZGG0060C General Duty Length Measurement 10 Foot Cable 60 No Dual
ZMH2000B Heavy Duty Length Measurement 2 Meter Cable 2000 Yes Dual
ARCJ1AZ0 Motor Ring Kits Hess 5/8" 56C
TMPEQD04 Quick Disconnect Probes E Inconel 600 1/8
TMPKQD05 Quick Disconnect Probes K XL 1/8
TMPE2SU2 Field Cuttable Sensor Probes E -200° to 430°C / -328° to 800°F Fiberglass
APSCM100 DC Current Shunt 100 A to 100 mV
CTSG0000 AC Current Operated Switch .75 A Switch Fixed
ZBH06003 Standard Duty, Dual Channel M12 600 Shaft Mount