From the dual line, tri-color display to universal power and input capabilities, Red Lion's PAX®2C PID controllers are packed full of features that set it apart from other PID controllers. Field-installable output cards and FlexCard™ plug-in options for inputs, outputs and communications add even more versatility, enabling the advanced PAX2C PID controllers to deliver an ideal solution for temperature and process applications requiring multiple parameters to be visualized or controlled at the same time. Ramp Soak capabilities allow users the ability to change and hold machine temperature – either up or down – for a specific time period to easily integrate time-stepped processes.

PAX2C PID controllers offer many features and performance capabilities that are not available on standard PID controllers. The programmable dual line display with units’ indication and bar graph display allows the user to customize the display to the application. Four programmable universal displays and seven programmable color zones provide operators a quick visual refer of application parameters.

PAX2C PID controllers offer a universal input that supports DC current, DC voltage, process signals, RTD, thermocouples and resistance. Additional FlexCard plug-in options include Heater Current Monitor and/or Second Process Analog Input, which can be used for a secondary process display, remote setpoint or an additional PID Controller. Field installable on initial set-up or any time in the future, our option cards enable users to reduce costs by easily changing or adding functionality to meet industrial requirements without inventory stocking.

PAX2C PID controllers offer 16 alarms with Boolean logic functionality. Each PAX2C can also be fitted with field-installable plug-in output cards that include Setpoints, Analog Output and Communications options. Setpoint cards include Relay, Solid State or Triac outputs. The analog output Card is programmable for 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC. Communication options include RS232, RS485, DeviceNet and Profibus. All the output cards allow users to configure the PAX2C for present applications, while providing easy upgrades for future needs.

PAX2C PID controllers are easily programmed using our Crimson® 2.0 software. Easy configuration is offered through an on-board USB connector that directly connects to a computer and simple check box programming enables users to saves time.

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Part # Function Size Display Display Color Analog Output Alarms Communications Power
PX2CHZ00 Universal 1/8 DIN Horizontal LCD Tri-color Backlit Yes Yes Yes AC/DC
PX2CVR00 Universal 1/8 DIN Vertical LCD Tri-color Backlit Yes Yes Yes AC/DC