MPAX® Modules for LPAX and EPAX Displays
Red Lion’s LPAX and EPAX large LED displays accept various input modules which expand the base panel meter functionality. Field installable output cards further enhance the displays capability.

MPAX Input Modules
The MPAX module serves as the input to the LPAX and EPAX Displays. Different modules are available to cover a variety of inputs. The MPAX module provides input scaling which allows the LPAX and EPAX to display most any engineering unit. Once the MPAX is installed into the LPAX or EPAX, the unit has the same functions and capabilities of our PAX series panel meters. Please refer to the chart below for the available input models and their capabilities.

Selecting Your Display Components
To build a complete display unit, you will need an LPAX or EPAX display and an MPAX input module. The LPAX or EPAX is only a display and requires an MPAX module for operation.

Note: The MPAX provides the operating power for the LPAX, therefore you must select either the AC or DC MPAX corresponding with your application and available power.

Option Cards:
The MPAX allows for the installation of up to three option cards which allow you to configure the MPAX for present applications, while providing easy upgrades for future needs. Optional plug-in cards can provide additional communications such as Modbus, RS-232/485, DeviceNet, Profibus, or Ethernet. In addition option cards may include dual/ quad relays, quad sinking/ sourcing, or linear DC outputs.

Input Model Usage Chart
    LPAX0500 LPAX0600 LPAXCK00 LPAXDA00 EPAX0500 EPAX0600
  MPAXC (Count)        
  MPAXCK (Clock)        
  MPAXD (DC Volt/Current)        
  MPAXDP (Dual Process)          
  MPAXH (AC Volt/Current)        
  MPAXI (Dual Count Rate)        
  MPAXP (Process Input)        
  MPAXR (Rate)        
  MPAXS (Strain Gage)        
  MPAXT (Temperature)        
  MPAXTM (Time)