RA70K Keyed Remote Access Routers

G3 HMI Operator Interface Panels

The RA70K is a din-rail mountable industrial remote access router with a physical key. The Keyed RA70K provides local staff the ability to enable or disable remote access to the router. The keyed remote access router offers secure IP or serial-based access to devices and networks through the RLConnect24 portal. In addition, the RA70K offers over 17 industrial drivers for communication with local equipment for data collection and monitoring applications.

Remote Access
The RA70K remote access router enables secure IP-based access and data collection with remote networks and equipment through on-board Ethernet or 4G LTE cellular (AT&T and Verizon) communication. With an integrated Ethernet switch, it is easy to connect local IP-based assets.

Remotely access the RA70K or connected equipment using RLAccess client software, which establishes a secure VPN tunnel using OpenVPN. The router also supports enhanced communications protocols using via PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP for advanced network configurations.


 Model NumberDescription
 RA70KR0010V1S0D0RA70K with Ethernet and Serial
 RA70KR0000V1S0D0RA70K with Ethernet
 RA70KR4A00V1S0D0RA70K with 4G Cellular (AT&T and Verizon)
 RA70KR4E00V1S0D0RA70K with 4G Cellular (EU)