Sixnet Series Automation & Networking Products

Sixnet® series Ethernet switches, cellular M2M devices, communication converters and process control products have joined the Red Lion portfolio. Red Lion's Sixnet series products address a wide range of industrial requirements. From remote site management to industrial process control, Sixnet series networking and automation products are designed to operate reliably in harsh environments. For more information, please select a category below:

Ethernet Solutions


Cellular M2M Routers & RTUs

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Unmanaged Switches

Sixnet series' unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer simple plug-and-play functionality with reliable performance. Available in an endless range of port options, our rugged switches are set to tackle the demands of industrial data acquisition, control and Ethernet I/O applications.

Sixnet SL Unmanaged Switches
Sixnet SLX Unmanaged Switches


Industrial Cellular Routers

Cellular Routers

Sixnet series IndustrialPro® SN-6000 cellular routers offer secure and reliable remote connectivity to deployed assets that utilize cellular carrier networks. Sixnet series rugged industrial routers provide easy wireless communication between SCADA servers, RTUs, PLCs, remote I/O and Ethernet and serial connected devices. 

Sixnet IndustrialPro SN Routers

Monitored Ethernet Switches

Monitored SwitchesRed Lion offers a wide selection of Sixnet series industrial Ethernet switches with monitoring capabilities. Providing the simplicity of an unmanaged switch with advanced remote diagnostic capabilities, our monitored switches perform in harsh environments and offer ease of deployment. 

Sixnet SLX Monitored Switches
Sixnet SL Monitored Switches


Industrial Cellular RTUs

Cellular RTUsSixnet series RAM® 6000 and 9000 industrial cellular RTUs provide a secure all-in-one platform to remotely connect, monitor and control assets across industrial applications. By seamlessly connecting to existing Modbus or DNP3 enabled devices, Sixnet series industrial cellular RTUs provide instant access to remote data. 

Sixnet RAM 9000 Cellular RTUs
Sixnet RAM 6000 Cellular RTUs

Managed Ethernet Switches

Managed SwitchesSixnet series managed industrial Ethernet switches provide the ability to configure port settings, manage network traffic and remotely monitor your network for critical issues. Our managed switches are designed to operate in harsh environments and offer best-in-class performance. 

Sixnet SLX Managed Switches
Sixnet EL Advanced Management Switches
Sixnet EK Managed Switches


Communication Converters

Media Converters

Media ConvertersSixnet series Ethernet media converters are designed to extend communications links and bridge connectivity between disparate types of media, connectors or speeds. Providing fast performance and rugged operating specifications, our DIN-rail mountable converters include copper, fiber, fast Ethernet and Gigabit options.

Sixnet SL Converters
Sixnet SLX Converters

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

>Power over Ethernet (PoE)Red Lion’s wide range of Sixnet series industrial IEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions are designed to transmit power and data over Ethernet, eliminating the need to run separate cables saving time and money.

Sixnet SLX PoE Ethernet Switch
Sixnet EB PoE Ethernet Switch


Serial Converters

Serial ConvertersSixnet series ET industrial Ethernet serial device servers are ideal for connecting serial-based software applications over Ethernet to remote serial devices. These high-performance converters use advanced IP technology to deliver a rugged solution in a compact size.

Sixnet ET Converters

IP67 Ethernet Switches & OEM Boards

IP67 & OEM BoardsRed Lion offers Sixnet series IP67 and OEM embedded switches for the harshest environments. Available with unmanaged, Layer 2 or Layer 3 management features, our IP67 switches provide an incredibly robust solution for mission critical deployments.

Sixnet MIL 300 IP67 Switches
Sixnet ET IP67 Switches
Sixnet EB-GT IP67 Switches

Sixnet ET OEM Switches


Process Control Products

RTUs & I/O Modules

RTUSixnet seriesIPm® VersaTRAK® and SixTRAK® RTUs work with E3 I/O™ and EtherTRAK®-2 I/O modules to provide a simple yet powerful monitoring and control system for remote sites while the Watchdog Relay monitors equipment heartbeat and provides fail-safe shutdown of processes. 

Sixnet IPm Industrial RTUs
Sixnet EtherTRAK-2 Industrial I/O Modules
Sixnet Watchdog Industrial Heartbeat Relay

Wired Ethernet Routers

RoutersSixnet series industrial wired routers offer secure and reliable communication to remotely deployed assets. Industrial routers are ideal for connecting Modbus or DNP3 enabled devices such as SCADA servers, PLCs and other automation equipment with remote locations. 

Sixnet RAM 6021 Wired Routers