Visual Management

Visual management can be broken down to three easy steps: connect to equipment, collect the data, and display the results. These are key elements to visual management and ensuring your team knows their targets and goals. By providing immediate access to data that is consistent, easily understood, and easily seen, employees remain aware of where processes currently stand and where they need to be, promoting employee ownership to achieve the desired objectives, thereby refining processes and driving productivity while fostering employee pride in a job well done.

Fortunately, Red Lion’s ProducTVity Station provides all of the capabilities to achieve seamless visual management. Using a built-in library of over 300 industrial protocols, the ProducTVity Station is a ready-to-deploy plant floor visual management system that easily connects to virtually any piece of plant floor equipment via serial ports or an Ethernet network. With a DVI output that can be split to mirror information on other standard, consumer-grade LCD, LED or plasma screens, the ProducTVity Station displays real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data, equipment status, and Andon messages when issues arise, communicating crucial information quickly, widely, and clearly to streamline processes and responses. Further, receive updates via email or SMS when off location, or remotely access the ProducTVity Station via its built-in web server. Delivering comprehensive visibility into process and equipment performance, the ProducTVity Station ensures successful Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementations, providing significant value in ever-leaner manufacturing environments. Learn more.
Easily configured with Crimson® visual project management software in just minutes, the ProducTVity Station can collect and calculate the KPIs that are most important to you, then quickly and easily create and calculate stunning scoreboards in minutes. Supporting over 300 protocol drivers, Crimson® is a powerful programming software with an intuitive, drag-and-drop graphical user interface and a variety of hardware offerings each supporting multiple simultaneous conversions, allowing customers to easily integrate new functionality into virtually any PLC, PC or SCADA system with no code required to establish communication. With Crimson®, simple applications can be set up quickly using a step-by-step process to configure communications protocols and define data tags for access. Learn More.