Return Material for Repair Policy

Red Lion Controls provides quality repair and calibration services. It is our policy to provide a service that returns a properly functioning unit to our customer as quickly as possible. In order to provide a quick turnaround on repairs, customers must obtain a RMA number from We request that our customers provide return shipping information along with part numbers and unit date codes when the RMA number is obtained. A fault description must accompany all units being returned. Cosmetic repairs can be made if desired, but that request must be specified on the RMA. All repair work is warranted for a 90 day period.

Red Lion’s repair charges are as follows:

  • If the required repair is more than 40% of the list price of the unit, we will not repair the unit as the repair would be considered Beyond Economical Repair (BER).
  • Out of warranty repairs will incur a cost of no less than 65.00 USD (58.00 EUR, 46.00 GBP) but not greater than 40% of the list price of the unit if purchased new.
  • Freight charges are in addition to any repair charges for out of warranty product.

All warranty repairs will be handled with respect to Red Lion Warranty Policy. Warranty repairs will not incur charges for repair or freight. 

Turnaround Time

Red Lion makes our best effort to turnaround repairs as quickly as possible. It is important for all incoming repairs to have a problem description with them. This information helps us maintain this quick turnaround time. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Product Repackaging

Red Lion takes extra care to ensure that product of the highest quality is being sold to our customers. For that reason, Red Lion will not repackage used product as new, or supply any of our packaging material to others for the purpose of repackaging.