Return Materials for Credit Policy

All returns must be pre-approved. Red Lion will take back unopened/unused product with no restock fee up to 30 days after purchase. Products purchased between 31-120 days will result in a 15% restock fee. There will be no product taken back after 120 days after purchase. We are unable to take back any product that has been used or opened. 

Return Materials Authorization number must include the product part numbers and date codes and an acceptable reason for return. Shipments returned to Red Lion Controls must have the return number clearly marked on the package.  Return Material Authorization numbers will be cancelled if product is not received within 60 days of authorization number issue date. 

OEM product, non-stock product, product built to customers’ specifications, software, raw materials, and/or batteries cannot be returned for credit or exchange. 

Freight charges incurred due to shipments and/or returns that are not due to an error on the part of Red Lion are the responsibility of the customer.

Product returned because of an error on the part of Red Lion will receive full credit, including freight charges. In addition, original invoice or purchase order numbers are required to calculate credit amounts. Credit amount will be issued based on purchase amount shown on original invoice or purchase order. Also considered when determining credit amount is the reason for return, condition of unit, and any other applicable discounts. 

Red Lion Credit Policy

To facilitate return processing, all returns must meet criteria for one of the following designations. Credit amount and method of processing is dependent upon the reason for return. Descriptions of designations noted below. 

  • Customer Stock Return 
  • Red Lion Error Return 

Any debits for returns MUST be cleared by our Accounting Department before they are withheld from payment to Red Lion. Unauthorized debits cause delays to the credit process. 

A credit memo will be issued to customer’s account within 30 days from the receipt of goods at Red Lion.

Distributor Stock Return

This return designation is to allow our distributors to effectively manage shelf stock. Slow moving, over-stocked, or any stock that is no longer required, can be returned under this designation. Red Lion will allow two stock returns per calendar year with a minimum of six months between each return. For processing and accounting purposes, Red Lion reserves the right to delay Stock Return approval for a maximum of 30 days. There is a 10% restocking/handling fee, and the amount of the rotation cannot be more than 15% of annual purchases. An offsetting order of equal or greater than the return amount must accompany the request, documented in the comments section. Stock returns must be no older than 12 months from the date of manufacture. All products must be in the original sealed packaging with all documentation and accessories included. If the last invoice price cannot be established, credit will be issued at the customer’s maximum discount multiplier. 

Return requests for product that do not meet the above criteria will NOT be accepted as a Customer Stock Return. 

Red Lion Error Return

This return designation provides customers with the opportunity to return product that was received due to an error on the part of Red Lion Controls. If return authorization is requested within 30 days of receipt of product, and product packaging has not been damaged, Red Lion will issue full credit for product along with credit for incurred freight charges. Authorization for Red Lion Error Return requires an original purchase order or invoice number, along with an explanation of the Red Lion error. Return requests for product that do not meet the above criteria will NOT be accepted for credit as a Red Lion Error return and may be subject to additional handling charges.