Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Credits

Click here to read the full Return Materials Policy for Credits.

Q. What is the approved criteria for obtaining an RMA for credit?
A. We will only take functioning product back in the following circumstances: If the product was shipped 0-30 days from date of the request, with no restock fee. If the product shipped 31-120 days from the date of request, there will be a 15% restocking fee. Any products older than 120 days after shipment will not be taken back. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE SEALED AND UNOPENED TO BE CONSIDERED. This does not apply to distributor stock rotations (see below). 

Q. How do I do a stock rotation?
A. Distributors can do 1 stock rotation every 6 months. An offsetting PO must be placed at the same time of the RMA request. The product must be current, not older than 12 months, sealed, not opened or used. There is a 10% restocking/handling fee, and the amount of the rotation cannot be more than 15% of annual purchases.

Q. Why do we require an authorization number to be obtained before returning a unit for credit?
An authorization number helps us efficiently process Credit Requests. When a box is received with an authorization number clearly marked on the outside of the box, we can quickly separate it from the many other boxes we receive and forward it for processing by the credit department.
An authorization number also allows us to have all pertinent information regarding the return in our system ahead of time. This allows us to verify information and more quickly process the Request.

Q. Why do we need a Reason for the Credit Request?
 A Reason helps us efficiently process the Request. Red Lion Controls keeps complete records of the reasons our partners must return product, so that we can monitor this information and continuously improve upon our quality and service to you.

Q. Why do we need your Original Purchase Order information, for your Credit Request?
 Red Lion wants to be certain to credit your account for the exact amount that you paid for your unit.