N-Tron® 700 Series Managed Switches

For applications in extreme environments, check out Red Lion's N-Tron® series 700 managed industrial Ethernet switches. Our 700 series switches support SNMP, web management, Fast Ethernet and N-View™ monitoring technology. Housed in rugged enclosures, the 700 managed Ethernet switches feature extended shock and vibration specifications, wide operating temperature ratings and best-in-class ring technology, providing 30 ms healing times.

The 700 series industrial switches feature between eight and 16 ports, offering 100Base port speeds. These managed switches provide a combination of copper and fiber ports for maximum flexibility. Available in waterproof IP67 protected enclosures with M12 style connectors, the 700 series switches provide extreme reliability in high moisture/vibration environments.

The N-Tron 700 series of managed switches provide uncompromising performance in harsh environments including features like N-Ring™, VLAN, Quality of Service (QoS), port mirroring, IGMP and SNMP. These network management features provide best-in-class visibility and uptime performance.

The 700 series of industrial managed switches are housed in metal enclosures, and feature a -40° to +85°C operating temperature. With UL Class I, Div. 2 listing, CE, EN50155 and ABS certifications, these switches are built to last in the most demanding environments.

The -N provides network performance monitoring using N-View monitoring technology, which provides 47 different status points on switch and port conditions and displays that information on a networked computer.

The 700 series provides a high level of security utilizing port-based MAC address filtering and SNMPv3 communication protocol to ensure the safest connections.

  Part Number Total Ports 10 / 100 100 Fiber Mounting and Case Operating Temp
  708FX2 8 6 2 Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 85˚C
  708TX 8 8 - Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 85˚C
  709FX 9 8 1 Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 70˚C
  710FX2 10 8 2 Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 70˚C
  711FX3 11 8 3 Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 70˚C
  712FX4 12 8 4 Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 70˚C
  714FX6 14 8 6 Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 70˚C
  716FX2 16 14 2 Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 70˚C
  716TX 16 16 - Industrial DIN-Rail -40˚ to 70˚C
  Part Number Total Ports 10 / 100 100 Fiber Mounting and Case Operating Temp
  708M12 8 8 - IP67-Rated Hardened Metal -40˚ to 80˚C
  708M12-HV 8 8 - IP67-Rated Hardened Metal -40˚ to 80˚C
  716M12 16 16 - IP67-Rated Hardened Metal -40˚ to 85˚C
  716M12-HV 16 16 - IP67-Rated Hardened Metal -40˚ to 80˚C