N-Tron® Software

Red Lion offers utilities and updates for our N-Tron® series of industrial networking products to make your job easier. Access easy-to-use programs or updates pertaining to the following product offerings:

Industrial Ethernet Switch Software

CIP Installation Kit v2.0 - NT24k® (5MB)
CIP Installation Kit v1.8.2-700 & 7000 (2KB)
N-View™ Software v10.3.0 (10MB)
N-View Software v10.3.0 OPC (6MB)

Locate your product software under the corresponding series headers below.

7000 Industrial Ethernet Switches ​

N-TRON 7010TX Firmware Version 3.9.1 (4KB)
N-TRON 7010TX MIBs (23KB)

N-TRON 7012FX2 Firmware Version 3.9.1. (4MB)
N-TRON 7012FX2 MIBs (23KB)

N-TRON 7014 Series Firmware Version 4.3.1. (1 MB)
N-TRON 7014 Series MIBs (1MB)

N-TRON 7018 Series Firmware Version 3.9.1 (5MB)
N-TRON 7018 Series MIBs (28KB)

N-TRON 7026TX Firmware Version 3.9.1 (4MB)
N-TRON 7026TX Series MIBs (32KB)

N-TRON 7506GX2 Series Firmware Version 3.9.1 (4MB)
N-TRON 7506GX2 MIBs (21KB)

N-TRON 7900 Firmware Version 3.9.1 (4MB)
N-TRON 7900 MIBs (21KB)

9000 Industrial Ethernet Switches

N-TRON 9000 Series Firmware Version 4.3.1 (1MB)
N-TRON 9000 Series MIBs (32KB)


N-TRON ESERV-M12T Firmware Version 1.3 (1MB)

NT24K Industrial Ethernet Switches​

N-TRON NT24k Firmware Version 1.10.2 (6MB)
N-TRON NT24k MIBs (20KB)
NT24k XML Examples (30KB)