E3 I/O™ Modules

Red Lion's rugged E3 I/O™ Ethernet-enabled I/O module platform provides powerful networking and reliable remote monitoring and control capabilities for harsh industrial environments. With all-metal housing, wide environmental specifications and industry certifications, our suite of 17 E3 I/O modules offer up to 34 mixed I/O points to meet varying requirements. Add high-density I/O to our award-winning Graphite® HMIs or deploy in remote stand-alone applications.

Our high-density E3 I/O modules offer dual Ethernet ports and provide a variety of network modes including redundancy that support TCP/IP, ARP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, HTTP, Modbus UDP/TCP Slave mode, Modbus UDP Master mode, Sixnet UDR UDP/TCP Slave mode and Sixnet UDR UDP Master mode. Additionally, built-in security enables permission-level access and firewall protection to help prevent unauthorized users. Our E3 I/O modules also offer RS-485 serial connectivity and USB connectors for easy management of and communication to deployed assets.

Providing uncompromising performance in harsh environments, our E3 I/O modules feature redundant 10-30 VDC power inputs (24 VDC nominal). Fast 1ms discrete response times to Ethernet queries for real-time monitoring and control capabilities.

Available in DIN-rail and panel-mount form factors, our E3 I/O modules feature rugged metal enclosures and are designed and built for harsh environments with -40° to 75°C operating temperatures and UL Class I, Division 2 Group A, B, C, D listings. With built-in self-resetting fuses, these I/O modules will provide years of reliable operation in any industrial environment.

Crimson Software
Red Lion’s powerful Crimson® 3.0 software is a programming platform that unlocks the power of E3 I/O modules with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration. And unlike competitive I/O modules that charge extra for cumbersome software, Crimson software is included with each E3 I/O module.


Part # Title DI DO AI AO
E3-MIX20884-1 E3 I/O Module-32 Mixed Inputs/Outputs 12 8 8 4
E3-MIX24880-1 E3 I/O Module-32 Mixed Inputs/Outputs 16 8 8 -
E3-MIX24882-1 E3 I/O Module-34 Mixed Inputs/Outputs 16 8 8 2
E3-32DI24-1 E3 I/O Module-32 24V Digital Inputs 32 - - -
E3-16DI24-1 E3 I/O Module-16 24V Digital Inputs 16 - - -
E3-16DIAC-1 E3 I/O Module-16 120VAC Digital Inputs 16 - - -
E3-32DO24-1 E3 I/O Module-32 24V Digital Outputs - 32 - -
E3-16DO24-1 E3 I/O Module-16 24V Digital Outputs - 16 - -
E3-16DORLY-1 E3 I/O Module-16 Digital Output Relays - 16 - -
E3-16ISO20M-1 E3 I/O Module-16 4-20mA Isolated Analog Inputs - - 16 -
E3-32AI20M-1 E3 I/O Module-32 20mA Analog Inputs - - 32 -
E3-32AI10V-1 E3 I/O Module-32 10VDC Analog Inputs - - 32 -
E3-16AI20M-1 E3 I/O Module-16 Analog Inputs (4-20mA) - - 16 -
E3-16AI8AO-1 E3 I/O Module-16 Analog Inputs/8 Analog Outputs - - 16 8
E3-8AO20M-1 E3 I/O Module-8 Analog Outputs - - - 8
E3-16ISOTC-1 E3 I/O Module-16 Isolated Thermocouple Inputs - - 16TC -
E3-10RTD-1 E3 I/O Module-10 RTD Inputs - - 10 RTD -