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Crimson 3.0
Crimson 2.0
Crimson 1.0
G3 Sample Databases

:: Software Library ::
Download the latest version of RLC Configuration Software for our HMI’s, Modular Controller Series, Temperature Controllers, Panel Meters, and Message Centers along with manuals and other documentation.
Crimson 3.0 — Programming software for Graphite™, the G3 and G3 Kadet series of operator panels, CSMSTRSX, CSMSTRGT, CSMSTRV2, and Data Station Plus.
Crimson 2.0 — Crimson 2.0 — Programming software for the G3 and G3 Kadet series of operator panels, CSMSTRSX, CSMSTRGT, CSMSTRV2, Data Station Plus, ICM8, EPAX5, EPAX6, LPAX5, LPAX6, PAX2A, PAX2D, PAX2S, PX2C, PAXD, PAXDP, PAXH, PAXI, PAXP, PAXS, PAXT, T16, T48, P16, P48 and CUB5 (Software Version 2.0 or higher).
Crimson 1.0 — Programming software for the original Modular Controller series.
G3 Sample Databases — Crimson 2.0 sample databases for the G3 series of operator interface panels.
EDICT-97 — Programming software for the Paradigm series of Red Lion HMI’s.
OPCWorx — Red Lion’s OPCWorx is a configuration tool for our OPC DA servers. This easy-to-use software tool allows you to create and configure an OPC server to communicate with the G3 series HMI, the Data Station Plus or the Enhanced Master, as well as any device that supports Modbus.
RLCPro — Programming software for the DLC, IAMS, ITMS, Legend, C48, T48/P48 and T16/P16.
Other — Software for the DOS platform.

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