Red Lion Wins in 2023 IDEA Awards

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The N-Tron® Series NT5000 Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches have been voted the winner in the Automation & Controls category.

York, Pa. – September 26, 2023Red Lion®, a manufacturer of innovative technologies that empowers industrial organizations to access, connect and visualize their data, announced today that its N-Tron® Series NT5000 Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches were recognized among the best by the 2023 IDEA Awards. Votes placed by the engineering community recognized Red Lion as a Winner in the Automation & Controls category.

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The NT5000’s innovative and intuitive graphical user interface includes a logical view showing active ports, power supply, temperature and contact relay status of the switch and color-coded gauges for port traffic and events to allow administrators to quickly identify and address possible network disruptions in real-time, helping lower total cost of ownership.

"We are honored to receive the Machine Design IDEA award for our N-Tron® Series NT5000 industrial Ethernet switch," said Red Lion President, Marcel van Helten. "This award is a validation of our ongoing commitment to delivering technology which enables our industrial customers to improve the efficiency and security of their OT network infrastructure.
The 2023 IDEA Awards celebrates outstanding innovation in product design and function for the engineering industry. Every year, it showcases and rewards companies who have contributed to the advancement of technology through their creative, innovative, and impactful designs.
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