Build 3133.000 (03/25/24) download


Release Notes: 

Fixed inaccurate timestamps for data, alarm, and event logs.



Build 3132.000 (08/22/23) download


Release Notes: 

Added Enhanced Credential Support to the Emerson ROC Drivers.


Added Debug Options to Emerson FBx000 Driver.


Added Crimson 3.2 Upgrade Links.


Fixed Parker SSD 690+/650v Driver Real Writes Fail.


Fixed Alarm Viewer Primitive Crashes.


Fixed BACnet MS/TP Slave Driver Unable to Answer Back-to-back Requests.


Fixed Reboot with Multiple DNP3 Drivers.


Fixed Totalflow Enhanced Driver Communication Failure on Crimson 3.0 Database Import.



Build 3129.001 (10/20/22) download


Release Notes: 

Added Data Tag Count.


Fixed Crimson Control Retentive Variables Don't Get Cleared.


Fixed Azure No Longer Supports URIs Ending in Double Backslash.


Fixed Increase Password Character Length for Email SMTP Authentication.


Fixed Legacy C3.0 Animated Image Primitive with Image 0 Missing Causes Reboot.



Build 3127.002 (8/17/22) download


Release Notes: 

Fixed Modbus TCP/IP Slave Not Allowing Writes to L4 Registers.



Build 3127.000 (7/13/22) download



Updated the System Function Reference Guide.

Added new System Functions and made various corrections.

Added the ability for Force names into Sparkplug Updates.

Provide an option to deviate from the standard behavior via the Alias Usage property.

Add Content Type Suffix to Azure Connector.

Provided an option to add $.ct=application%2Fjson&$.ce=utf-8 to published topics.

Bug Fixes:


Fixed AltPV Does Not Work with Graphite Dual Loop PID2 Modules.

Added the ability to select an alternative PV source to the Graphite Dual Loop PID Module.

Fixed SSD Drives 890 - RTNX Driver Fails to Read/Write Real Values.


Fixed Applied Motion - SCL Driver Fails to Write Real Values.


Fixed Writes Not Working with Specified Topics Using AWS.


Fixed Sparkplug Tags Folder Auto-Populated On Reopening.


Fixed Historic Property Not Set on Re-queued Messages.


Fixed Multi-State Color and Multi-State Format do not Simulate Correctly.


Fixed Backspace Doesn't Work with String Format Template.





Build 3126.001 (4/7/22) download


Release Notes: 

Fixed Mirco800 Plus Driver crashing under certain conditions.



Build 3126.000 (3/23/22) 



Added Micro800 Plus Driver for Serial and Ethernet devices.


Added Dynamic TCP port support on Micro 800 Plus Driver.


Added support for unordered replay of buffered cloud data.

Bug Fixes: 

Fixed Data Tags and Blocks Not capping to Boolean tags correctly.


Fixed failure to read arrays.


Fixed UNC (Universal Name Convention) Path Injection Vulnerability



Build 3125.007 (1/25/22) download


Release Notes: 

Fixed Buffered MQTT Data Not Preserved Through Power Cycle.


Fixed Extra Slash When No Tags Folder in Sparkplug.



Build 3125.006 (12/15/21) download


Release Notes: 

Fixed Allen Bradley Native Tags via L5k File Plus Driver not importing Alias Tags of IO Card Channels correctly.


Fixed Simple Image Primitive with Missing Image Causes Device Crash.



Build 3125.003 (12/2/21) download


Release Notes: 

Fixed Crimson Fails to Save Large Database File.

Now Crimson can save databases larger than ~16 MB.

Allow Intermediate Certificates as Roots.


Improved Save Conversion Font Size Behavior.

Improved the upscaling and downscaling of system fonts when converting databases to different display sizes. 

Assorted fixes for new AB L5K Plus Driver.

Fixed data tags fail to create multi-dimensional arrays and fixed Alias Tags not importing correctly.

Fixed Long Names Exceed Fixed Column Width in User Manager Primitive.

Provided a richer set of formatting options for the User Name column width in the User Manager primitive.

Fixed ARP Entry for Gateway Does Not Timeout.

Allows stale ARP gateway entries to expire.

Fixed DNS Resolver Fooled by Numeric Hostnames.

Allows host names with numeric characters to be resolved correctly by DNS Resolver.

Fixed Sparkplug CA File Not Loaded.

Specific to Sparkplug Cloud Connector, fixed behavior where the certificates were not loaded correctly.

Allow Last 8 Discrete Input Channels of E3 MIX Modules Not Functional.

Allows the last 8 bidirectional discrete channels to be configured as Inputs.


Build 3124.000 (10/6/21) download



Added Allen Bradley Native Tags via L5k Plus Driver.

New L5K driver that makes use of the runtime performance of the L5K Enhanced Driver and offers significant improvements in importing and mapping tags to the L5K tags.  This driver supports the automatic creation of data tags and improvements to the Add On Instructions support.

Added Support for Folder Level Tag Export/Import.

Allows tags to be exported at the folder level rather than root level, allowing for a more manageable set of tags to be exported for editing by an external application such as Excel.
Bug Fixes: 

Fixed Web Server Data Entry Remote Insecure.

Data entry from the Web Server Remote View on a primitive is now fixed and reflects the primitive remote enabled/disabled setting in Crimson.

Fixed Generic 29-bit CAN Driver Not Working.



Build 3123.001 (7/14/21) download


Release Notes: 

Allow Emerson Process FBx000 Series Driver to be picked for the DA10.



Build 3123.000 (6/7/21) download


Release Notes: 

NEW DRIVER!   Addition of Emerson Process  FBx000 Series Driver

This driver is compatible with Emerson FB1000/2000/3000 Series Flow Computers and RTUs with Ethernet.  The Emerson Process FBx000 Series communications driver provides access to data tags in Emerson Process FB Series devices. The driver uses Field Tools configuration files to ensure Crimson data tags match those in the FB Series device.

Upgrade E3 Modules to the latest firmware Revision (2.07)


Make Sparkplug Cloud Connector More Tolerant of Invalid Data Types

Ensures the Sparkplug Cloud Connector is more tolerant of peers that incorrectly format their write messages, in particular, booleans, any sized integers, and any sized floats are now accepted


Build 3122.001 (5/13/21) download


Build 3122.000 (5/4/21)


Release Notes: 

Fixed SendFile() Function Freezes Edge Controller

This fix addresses a vulnerability in Crimson’s Filing System that caused an unintended interaction between the Mail Client and the Data Logger when an email that included a large file was being sent. The fix prevents the Filing System from being locked by either processes attempting concurrent accesses the memory card.

Add Better Recovery from Graphite NAND Issues

This fix improves a recovery mechanism made available in a previous release of Crimson 3.1 that detects and prevents NAND memory from being marked as bad in error. The fix will examine and repair NAND memory that is marked and bad but is in fact still good.

Make Sparkplug More Tolerant of Invalid Data Types

This fix improves the usability of Crimson’s Sparkplug Cloud Connector with peer devices by allowing the connector to use a wider range of data types that may be encoded incorrectly, including Booleans, any sized integers, any sized floats and strings by extracting them from the possible property fields.


Build 3121.000 (2/22/21) download


Added Support for File Numbers up to 255 for DF1 DriversExtended file numbers from 223 to a maximum of 255 to support a wider range of file numbers, which affects 5 drivers - DF1 Master, TCP, and Serial; DH485; Encapusulated DF1 Master; and DF1 Master via PCCC/EIP.
Added Option to Include Tag Units With All MQTT UpdatesAdded option on MQTT cloud connectors to allow tag properties to be included in the cloud data model allowing these properties to be included and sent with the tag value changes.
Bug Fixes: 
Fixed Unable to Write to DNP3 AI Deadband Points Above Address 256DNP3 exhibiting errors caused by tag reference ordering, not specifically related to Deadband points or specific addresses. Modified Crimson communications engine allowing for improved mapping of DNP3 data points.
Fixed Memory Overflow on IntToText() function 
Fixed SQL Query Doesn't Work Properly Beyond 154 RowsQueries were packed in a way that could cause errors depending on the combinations of queries sent to the SQL server; this was not specific to number of rows in a query. Improved how the command request and response sequence is structured.
Fixed DNP3 Driver Responds With Fragmented Packets 
Fixed Retentive Control Variable FailsRelated to the start up sequence of Control Engine causing Crimson tags to be written to first overriding the retained value of a Crimson tag. Added data initialization property configuration option allowing modification of the Control Engine so that Crimson retentive tag values are used on Control Engine start up.


Build 3120.001 (2/8/21) download

Release Notes:
Fixed Emerson ROC 3 Driver Tag Mappings Change on Database Open


Build 3120.000 (1/19/21) download


Added data logger support for tag arrays larger than 1024 elements.Extended data logger to support larger tag arrays up to 16K elements.
Bug Fixes: 
Fixed missing symbols from Symbol Library.The square blank key is now available in the computer keys symbol category in color form.
Fixed Emerson ROC Protocol Enhanced driver not importing correctly from Crimson 3.0.The IP address now imports into the Crimson 3.1 database for the ROC protocol enhanced driver.
Fixed L5K Driver not importing some Add-On Tags correctly. 
Fixed Buffered MQTT Fails with messages larger than 64K.Successfully sends cloud connector messages larger than 64K.
Fixed E3 bubble help showing “Error 14” for certain fields. 
Fixed assorted retentive data issues.Addressed CR3000 retentive data tag issues.


Build 3119.002 (12/14/20) download

Release Notes:
Fixed Native Tags via L5K file Enhanced driver crashing under certain conditions


Build 3119.001 (12/1/20) download

MQTT and Cloud Connector Support:
Add Option for Publication Topic to AWS Connector - Allows the user to define the topic name for AWS Cloud Connector
Add Support for Ubidots Cloud Connector- Add Ubidots Cloud Connector with data buffering support
Add Topic Suffixes By Data Set to Cloud Connectors - Enables multiple data streams to be sent to the same topics within AWS, Azure, and Generic Cloud Connectors
Add Support to Force Send of All Tags in Cloud Connector Data Sets - Enables transmission of all data tags to broker for any cloud connector
Add Support for Expressions Throughout MQTT Connectors - Support for embedded expressions in MQTT fields enabling easier deployment

General System Improvements:
Improve FAT32 Performance - Made general improvements to filing system
Improve NAND Flash Recovery - Made general improvements to NAND flash performance to improve Retentive Data storage

Driver Enhancements:
Add Ability to Set Baud Rate on CAN Master Drivers - Enables ability to use a tag to set the Baud rate for CAN based drivers
Add Support for Automation-Networks ANC-100e – Add Transaction ID Type option to the TCP DF1 Master Driver

Bugs Fixes:
CR/DA Ethernet Communications Failures - Resolves communication errors resulting in loss of Ethernet port communication
DNP3 Slave Driver AI and AO Fail Above Address 144 - Broadens range of acceptable DNP3 driver addresses
OPC UA Client Driver Browse Data Model Fails After 1 Minute - Improves OPC UA Client driver browse behavior
Restrict All Access Doesn't Work In The Modbus Slave Driver - Corrects Restrict All Access functionality of various Slave Drivers
Details Widgets are Not Created and Clearing Widget Binding Crashes Config - Resolves various Widget issues
Reconnection of OPC UA Client Causes Reboot - Resolves reconnection of external OPC UA Client causing system reboot


Build 3116.000 (5/5/20) download

Added support for FlexEdge PID1 and PID2 Modules
Added PIN Lock and APN support for FlexEdge Cell Modem Sled
Added Option to Avoid Clear Session on Azure Connector
Added Second Source Address support to J1939 Driver
Added Websync2 Utility to replace deprecated Websync Utility
Added X-Frame-Options Control to Enhanced Web Server
Fixed Routing Table
Fixed CR1000, CR3000 HMI and DA10 and DA30 boot Up Behavior
Fixed A2 Radial Gauge’s Circular Scale shift
Fixed Mail Manager Crash
Fixed DNP3 Driver not functioning over UDP
Fixed Spamming ARP Requests
Fixed WaitData() System Function


Build 3115.009 (3/9/20) download

Fixed AO8 output issue


Build 3115.008 (3/6/20)

Fixed MQTT Connectors Timestamp is Incorrect
Fixed OPC UA Server Doesn't Provide Service Level


Build 3115.006 (3/3/20)

Added DA50D FlexEdge Model
Added DA70D FlexEdge Model
Added Dual Master support to DNP3 Slave Driver
Fixed Graphite PID2 reporting incorrect temperatures
Fixed DNP3 Slave Driver generating Object Group 43 instead of Object 42
Fixed DNP3 Slave missing events


Build 3114.002 (12/16/19) download

Added 890 – RTNX Serial Driver
Added Named Instance Option to SQL Queries
Added StopRTTL() System Function
Added DevCtrl() command to change the IP Address for the Mitsubishi Q Series Driver
Fixed CR Touchscreen performance when using BACnet Serial MS/TP Driver at lower baud rates
Fixed Disabled Data Sets appearing in Birth Certificate for Sparkplug Cloud Connector
Fixed MQTT Alias with path functionality limited to one level
Fixed Animated Image Primitive with missing Image 0 causing unit to crash


Build 3113.000 (9/10/19) download

Added German language support
Added modified DNP3 Slave Drivers
Added the ability to use expressions in SQL Queries
Added Sparkplug Cloud Connector enhancements
Fixed Tags Folder and extra Host Names fields missing from Sparkplug Cloud Connector for DA10
Fixed 2D Animation Primitive trace artifacts
Fixed Display State not working for Touch Calibration and Touch Tester Primitives
Fixed Database download failures to a unit with Control enabled
Fixed Popup Display Page Edge Format artifacts
Fixed QR Code Primitive causes reboot for strings longer than 190 characters


Build 3112.000 (7/17/19) download

Fixes and Updates:
Added warning when communications is disabled
Added Sparkplug enhancements:

  • To support Reboot and Next Server commands
  • To publish its support for Rebirth, Reboot and Next Server commands
  • To support up to six servers for Sparkplug MQTT
  • To allow the Tags folder to be renamed in the configuration

Added timeout hint fraction to OPC-UA history support
Fixed database crashes after import from 3.0
Fixed configuration crash following tag format copy operation
Fixed trend viewer mask no longer masks tag values
Fixed Crimson crashes with private access enabled
Fixed quick plot continuous mode is not shifting data
Fixed external programs will not run properly when first opening a saved database


Build 3111.000 (5/20/19) download

Fixes and Updates:
Added ability to convert Complex Actions to User Programs
Added ability to store User Programs outside of the Crimson database
Added ability to tilt gauges by 45 degrees
Added advanced debugging support
Added button usage descriptions to System Menu
Added DNP3 Analog Input Event mode based on last event
Added improved browse behavior of OPC UA Server
Added new TLP groups to ROC800 driver
Added Scratchpad to graphics editor
Added support for configurable non-persisted outputs in GMDIO14 module
Added support for localized language with Web Server
Added support for Ubidots writes to Generic MQTT cloud connector
Added Time Manager to DA10D
Added Unicode and UTF string support to OPC UA Client driver and OPC UA Server
Fixed Allen-Bradley Micro800 array import error
Fixed Allen-Bradley Micro800 driver causing Crimson to crash
Fixed Allen-Bradley Micro800 driver export error
Fixed bounding edge error for Display Pages displayed as a pop-up
Fixed BSAP serial driver Real Writes not writing correct value
Fixed certain data types reading incorrectly in Allen-Bradley Micro800 driver
Fixed Circular Reference false positive
Fixed CR1000 communications loss on power cycle
Fixed Crimson crash on saving of imported Crimson 30 database
Fixed DNP3 slave driver incorrectly setting output
Fixed download of database with EIP driver and DHCP enabled causing unit to reboot
Fixed Find Usage causing Crimson to crash
Fixed gateway blocks associated with J1939 driver not mapping to correct PGN
Fixed GMC caused by moving date forward
Fixed invalid string characters showing up in ROC Protocol Enhanced TCP/IP driver
Fixed label text appearing to bleed when overlaying gauge primitive
Fixed MQTT packets including invalid numeric values
Fixed On Tick event not firing when confirmation or login dialog boxes are open
Fixed OPC UA Client failing with Omron PLC
Fixed OPC UA Client label containing repeated text
Fixed OPC UA Server Available notification behavior
Fixed OPC UA Server Null Publication behavior
Fixed primitives shifting when viewing Display Page as a pop-up
Fixed Siemens MPI driver not working with MPI adapter cable on CR HMIs
Fixed single line data entry fields accepting CR-LF sequences
Fixed SQL Sync not syncing with large amounts of data
Fixed transparency of imported images using magenta


Build 3110.004 (3/27/19) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed DeviceNet Module failing to start


Build 3110.002 (3/7/19) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed Siemens MPI Driver not working with MPI Adapter Cable for CR Series HMI


Build 3110.000 (2/27/19) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed large databases causing Crimson 3.1 to crash
Fixed OPC UA Server Historical Data String Tags anomaly
Fixed OPC UA Available Notification Behavior
Fixed OPC UA Null Publication Behavior


Build 3109.004 (2/18/19) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed CR1000 HMIs losing communications after a power cycle


Build 3109.003 (2/4/19) download

Fixes and Updates:
Added OPC UA Client
Added OPC UA historical data access support
Added MQTT Connector for Google Cloud
Added support for disk buffering on MQTT Connectors
Added ability to access encoded add-on instructions
Added ability to specify endpoint names in Azure MQTT
Added alternate tag naming to cloud connectors
Added AppGCN, BootGCN and LoadGCN project dependencies
Added encrypted password support for OPC UA Client
Added improvements to Boolean support in OPC UA Client
Added improvements to FAT performance
Added LWT support for Azure MQTT in Telemetry Mode
Added option for Webserver Security to always require user log-in
Added SQL query filters usability improvements
Added SQL query tag mapping improvements
Added SSL/TLS support for FTP Client
Added SSL/TLS support for SQL
Added support for aliases within AOIs
Added support for Default CA for Amazon MQTT
Added support for IEC 61131-3 Elementary Data Types to Micro800 PLC driver
Added support for increased number of cloud connector tag sets
Added Telemetry Mode support for Azure MQTT
Added TSAP support to Siemens S7 TCP/IP Master with TIA S7 tag import driver
Added Ubidots support to generic MQTT
Added XML import capability to OPC UA Client
Fixed cloud tag set count limit errors not being reported
Fixed FAT cluster allocation time increasing at high rate
Fixed FTP client leaving filing system locked
Fixed HidePopUp failing when popup object is on edge of page
Fixed Mail Manager crashing on quick shutdown
Fixed Multi-state Selector becoming unresponsive
Fixed multistate skipping values during data entry
Fixed OPC UA stack race condition
Fixed Read causing FTP Client emulator to crash
Fixed STARTTLS causing stack overflows in Mail Manager
Fixed tag sets not showing disabled state
Fixed trend pens moving outside of display


Build 3108.004 (12/5/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Restore OPCWorx Proxy service for Graphite and CR Series HMIs
Fixed Databox primitive data entry behavior skips states when formatted with the Multi-State format type


Build 3108.002 (11/19/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Added DA10D and DA30D Support
Added option to specify manufacturer assigned J1939 message direction
Fixed OPC UA Server incorrect data type with Ignition
Fixed OPC UA Server acknowledgment model performs poorly with Ignition
Fixed OPC UA Server may not send initial notification
Fixed web server German translations
Fixed valid Windows root certificates rejection
Fixed erroneous database version error on loading certain databases
Fixed Sparkplug Cloud Connector not honoring Req-Ack correctly
Fixed incorrect OPC UA Server publication times
Fixed intermittent MQTT Cloud Connector failure with large packets
Fixed master slide not behaving correctly when a primitive is positioned close to the display page edge
Fixed a C3.0 imported database behavior where an ellipse with a graduated fill is positioned incorrectly
Fixed tag set control allows root to be deleted
Fixed web server login causes UI system security login
Fixed long strings causing runtime to crash


Build 3106.004 (10/23/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed MQTT Connectors Fail with Large Packets
Fixed OPC UA Incorrect Publication Times


Build 3106.000 (9/18/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Added support for Amazon® Web Services (AWS™) MQTT
Added support for Microsoft® Azure® MQTT
Added support for Ignition by Inductive Automation® Sparkplug MQTT
Added support for CR3000 15" Display HMI
Added DNP3 driver support to CR3000 HMIs
Added ABB TotalFlow Enhanced drivers improved string handling
Added new ABB TotalFlow Enhanced Master v3.0 communication drivers with array support
Fixed ABB TotalFlow Enhanced drivers RS-422 communications errors
Added communications driver for IDEC MicroSmart PLC
Added enhancements to BSAP Master Serial and UDP drivers
Added string and integer support to BSAP drivers


Build 3104.000 (7/2/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed CR1000 Ethernet Communications Failure
Fixed Cannot Change Legacy Whole Dial Gauge Start Angle and Swept Angle Settings
Fixed Web Server Using the PC Keyboard Bypasses Check-Before-Operate


Build 3101.001 (5/8/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Added download support for CR3000 HMIs
Added Enhanced OPC UA Server
Added 24-bit color support for Enhanced Web Server
Added ability to access System Menu without a power cycle
Added driver for Banner VE Series Smart Camera
Added option to use a local broadcast to BACnet UDP/IP Master Driver
Added Serial and Ethernet drivers for Panasonic FP7 MEWTOCOL7 PLC
Added support for a dynamic number of digits after the decimal place for numeric formats
Added support for camera drivers for CR1000 HMIs
Added support for Class 1, 2, 3 DNP3 responses without need for unsolicited messages
Added support for event buffers to DNP3 slave drivers
Fixed ABB COMLI driver register error
Fixed changing display mode for Gauge Primitive crashing Crimson
Fixed communications module not accessible after database conversion
Fixed Crimson 3.0 soft keys getting assigned to icons in CR units
Fixed DNP3 slave driver not supporting reals
Fixed DNP3 TCP reporting incorrect timestamp
Fixed downloading firmware via serial requiring two downloads
Fixed DynDns not updating IP address
Fixed folders showing in unused tag list
Fixed Function Block help not accessible from Resource Pane
Fixed G10R showing incorrect text on web server landing page
Fixed Gauge Primitive artifacts
Fixed General Format not allowing decimal point entry for floating point values
Fixed Graphics Symbols not showing on clean install in 64-bit Windows 7
Fixed inability to correct soft key related errors in imported G3 databases
Fixed large fonts causing crash of Crimson configuration
Fixed log files needing to be refreshed with F5
Fixed sending J1939 multipacket PGNs producing GMC error
Fixed TCP updates during SD card access causing unit to reboot
Fixed Trend Viewer Primitive drawing beyond window
Fixed web server not functioning on Graphite HMIs
Fixed web server not showing log files with custom path name
Fixed web server showing Size column in log list


Build 3100.010 (3/19/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed changing that date causing the year to be saved incorrectly for CR1000 HMIs


Build 3100.009 (1/29/18)

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed FTP Server Lists volume label
Fixed FTP Server Lists describes root directory incorrectly
Fixed graphical primitives from showing incorrect names
Fixed reported issues using the FTP Server on Graphite HMIs


Build 3100.008 (1/24/18)

Fixes and Updates:
Added updates to the Crimson manual
Fixed bootloader upgrade failures via Ethernet for CR1000
Fixed various system stability and file system issues for Graphite HMIs, Controllers and CR1000 HMIs


Build 3100.003 (10/16/17)

Fixes and Updates:
Added download support for CR1000


Build 3100.002 (10/6/17)

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed errors in manuals
Fixed fan images not matching in symbol library
Fixed functionality of Graphite auxiliary Ethernet port
Fixed loss of I/O module mappings when importing a database
Fixed loss of transparency in symbols


Build 3100.000 (10/3/17)

Initial release of Crimson 3.1