Water & Wastewater


Optimize your water and wastewater applications with Red Lion Controls’ comprehensive line of automation and networking solutions.


Red Lion solutions for water and wastewater are rugged and reliable, built to withstand harsh environments. Highly integrated, innovative features are designed to meet the changing demands of the market.

Red Lion solves all your water problems inside septic tanks, water softeners and hardwater treatment systems more efficiently than ever before.

  • Remote site monitoring
  • Overall process improvement
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Decrease costs
  • Free up your staff
  • Create less waste
  • Enjoy better access to data

Red Lion enables communication from existing industrial infrastructure to IoT platforms, using data-saving features to reduce total cost of ownership for industrial water treatment plants.


Automation: Industrial HMI (Human Machine Interface) panels enable customers to easily connect, monitor and control waste water removal processes in factories or remote locations.

Networking: Red Lion’s rugged N-Tron® and Sixnet® series industrial Ethernet switches are designed to meet diverse networking environments. Built-in redundancy coupled with robust reliability ensures critical waste water infrastructures stay up and running around the clock.

Cellular: Red Lion offers the broadest range of cellular M2M routers and RTUs available on the market today. Featuring standards-based, enterprise-class capabilities, our cellular routers and RTUs enable secure, reliable data access, anywhere, anytime.

IIoT: We help connect many different devices in multi-vendor environments, including older equipment, and get them to “talk” with each other in a way that they could not before allowing organizations to improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage for the best quality water.