Build 3.2.0035.0 (9/14/21) download

Release Notes

Support for multiple subnets on IPsec.


Build 3.2.0031.0 (8/23/21) download

Release Notes

Provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.


Build 3.2.0030.0 (7/29/21) download

Release Notes


  • Updated Firewall Filtering Capabilities
  • IPsec Daemon Enhancement on New Tunnel
  • Improved IPsec Interface and Masquerade Settings
  • Added Content-Type Suffix to Azure
  • Sparkplug Connector Supports Invalid Data Types
  • Various Enhancements for OPC UA
  • Enhanced Ping and Traffic Monitoring Capabilities
  • Allows Mapping of Legacy SixView Manager Ports
  • Warn User When Setting Modem to Trusted Interface
  • Added Modem Firmware Upgrade Mechanism
  • Add Access to Open Source Licenses

Bug Fixes:

  • Various Fixes To Address MQTT Connector Issues
  • Cognex Camera Image Driver Fails
  • Fixed Dual Ethernet Sled Issue
  • Corrected Link Monitoring Issue
  • Addressed Issue with SMS Messages
  • Fixed Backslash Issue Breaking JSON Encoding
  • Corrected OpenVPN Restart Issue
  • Fixed Negative Values Issue for Lat and Long


Build 3.2.0026.0 (4/13/21) download

Release Notes:

  • Added ability to handle embedded CRs in cellular carrier string


Build 3.2.0025.0 (3/3/21) download

Release Notes Summary Document

Release Notes:

  • Enhanced OpenVPN Tunnels Support
  • Enhanced IPSec Implementation
  • Add DNS Masquerade Server TTl Tuning
  • Improved Firewall Handling Of Network Services
  • Improved Link Monitoring To More Interfaces
  • Improved IPT
  • Fixed Port Forwarding With FTP
  • Fixed Various Cellular Carrier Settings
  • Enhanced Usability Of Cellular Diagnostics
  • Add Support For FTDI USB Serial Devices
  • Add Support For Serial-To-IP Conversion In Group 1, Including GUI
  • Fixed Various MQTT Issues
  • Enhanced OPC UA Server Cert
  • Added Controller Low Power Mode
  • Fixed Bacnet UDP/802.3 Driver
  • Fixed DNP3 Deadband Issue
  • Fixed EIP2 Driver Issue
  • Fixed L5K Enhanced Driver Import Add On Tags
  • Add Support For DH+ Converter
  • Allow Send-Via Interface Selection For Modbus Master
  • Fixed Data Logging Issue With Large Arrays
  • Fixed Issue When Converting Crimson 3.0 File
  • Add Ability To Read IEC Variables On Startup
  • Display Local And UTC Time In System Web Server
  • Fix/Enhanced Several Certificate Activities
  • Fixed Unicode Data Entry Via Web Page


Build 3.2.0021.0 (2/1/21) download

Release Notes:

  • Enhanced MQTT update time to 500ms
  • Fixed Crash after firmware update
  • Fixed recovery mechanism for failed shutdown
  • Fixed issue causing controllers failing to update from image
  • Fixed issue causing SVM client crash on dropped connection


Build 3.2.0020.0 (11/18/20) download

Release Notes:

  • Fixed Telit C1 Modems Not Recognized in factory Mode


Build 3.2.0016.0 (11/12/20) download

Release Notes:

  • Fixed Cloud Connector Topic Suffix Length Limited to 20 Characters
  • Fixed Adding Tag Sets to Cloud Connector Crashes Crimson
  • Fixed Update Fails When Unexpected Files Present


Build 3.2.0015.0 (11/04/20) download

Release Note:

  • Improved FlexEdge modem sled network link recovery behavior


Build 3.2.0014.0 (10/26/20) download


FlexEdge Module Support:

  • Added FlexEdge RO8 Module - Added FlexEdge 8 Relay Output Module Support.
  • Added FlexEdge 4-Channel Mixed Mode Module - Added FlexEdge 4UI Mix Module Support.
  • Added FlexEdge 2-Channel Mixed Mode Module - Added FlexEdge 2UI Mix Module Support.


General Support:

  • Added Support for SHA256 in IPsec Phase 2 ESP - Allows user to configure IPsec using SHA256 encryption.
  • Added Support for MBIM Operation on Telit C1 - Enables inbound connections for Telit C1 Cell Module for Austrialia Market.
  • Added Support for Power Management - Enables users to modify power settings to reduce power consumption.
  • Added Support for Packet Capture on OpenVPN Tunnels - Provides more detailed visibility into open VPN tunnel for diagnostics.
  • Added Allow Highlighting in System Log - Provides a filter option in the system log to highlight matching lines, rather than just showing the matching lines, providing context when debugging a device.
  • Added Support for Download Ports Other Than 789 - Provides the configuration options for ports other than 789 for database download.
  • Added Blocking of Private IP Ranges - Blocks Private IPs from leaking on onto a modem link for networks that are intolerant of leaked Private IPs such as Verizon.
  • Added APIPA Range to Blocked IP and Added Automatic Mode - Provides additional configuration options for Blocked IP.
  • Added Support for Ping Alive Equivalent - Enables the sending of pings to ensure that interface is active.


MQTT and Cloud Connector Support:

  • Added Topic Selection to AWS Cloud Connector - Enables user to define the topic name for AWS Cloud Connector.
  • Added Topic Suffixes By Data Set to Cloud Connectors - Enables multiple data streams to be sent to the same topics within AWS, Azure, and Generic Cloud Connectors.
  • Added Support to Force Send of All Tags in Cloud Connector Data Sets - Enables transmission of all data tags to broker for any cloud connector.
  • Added Ubidots Cloud Connector.
  • Added Support for Expressions Throughout MQTT Connectors - Support for embedded expressions in MQTT fields enabling easier deployment.


OPC UA Support:

  • Added Distinct Tag Sets on OPC UA Server - Enables additional tag sets for OPC UA server, previously available on the cloud connectors.
  • Added Support for Credentials on OPC UA Server - Allows for user credential based access to tag sets through OPC UA.
  • Added Support for Arrays in OPC UA Client Driver.
  • Added Debug Option to the OpcBrowse Tool - Provides additional debugging options to the OpcBrowse tool, useful when troubleshooting.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Widgets Details Pages are not Created
  • Fixed issues with IPsec tunnels
  • Fixed OpenVPN TLS Point-to-Point Client Fails
  • Fixed Custom Firewall Rules Not Applied
  • Fixed SVM Check-In Always Reports as DA70
  • Fixed Multicast Port Configuration Incorrect
  • Fixed Personality Entries With Missing Values Break UI
  • Fixed SSL Adapter Packet Capture Filter Incorrect
  • Fixed IPSec Daemon Not Started Even When Connections Present
  • Fixed Status Tries to Show DHCP When Not Enabled
  • Fixed Alstom GEM80 ESP J/K Master Driver Failure
  • Fixed Update of Hardware via SVM Causes Perpetual Loop
  • Fixed SQL Queries Time Stamps Don't Show Sub-Second Data
  • Fixed Some UI Fails with Dual Modems
  • Fixed Inbound Routes Should Be Interface Based
  • Fixed Factory Reset Doesn't Clear Pending Updates
  • Fixed Refresh Required After Failed Logon
  • Fixed Remote Networks Not Added on OpenVPN 1-to-1 Client
  • Fixed Time Zone Sync Doesn't Spot Failure
  • Fixed Web Server Lock-Up In Rare Circumstances
  • Fixed Subscription Transfer Breaks Ignition
  • Fixed Firewall Rules Not Configuring Correctly
  • Fixed Available Certs in AWS Cloud Connector Do Not Update As Added
  • Fixed MQTT Cloud Connectors Do Not Honor Update Mode
  • Fixed Sparkplug Cloud Connector Does Not Honor Update Mode
  • Fixed Cloud Connector Historical Mode Not Disabled Beyond Five Tag Sets
  • Fixed MQTT Keep-Alive Value is Incorrect
  • Fixed Occasional Crash on OPC UA Server Shutdown
  • Fixed System Fails to Stop When OPC-UA Client Driver Stalled
  • Fixed OPC UA Server Session Token Reuse


Build 3.2.0008.0 (7/28/20) download

Initial release of Crimson 3.2