FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge
Automation Platform,
powered by Crimson®
Configuration Software

FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge<br />
Automation Platform
FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge<br />
Automation Platform
FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge<br />
Automation Platform
FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge<br />
Automation Platform
FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge<br />
Automation Platform

Access Your Data in Real-time

Red Lion’s FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge Automation Platform, powered by Crimson®, gives industrial organizations the complete, scalable access they need to take full advantage of all the industrial data embedded in your operations. It provides the critical features industrial companies need to bridge their current manufacturing and production systems with older equipment using legacy data protocols:

  • Powerful data access capabilities
  • Trusted cybersecurity features
  • All-in-one programming environment eliminates multiple configuration tools


The FlexEdge platform has been engineered for fast, efficient deployment in existing networks — and the faster you can deploy its capabilities, the quicker you can start leveraging the value of your industrial data. When you unlock this data, real-time monitoring enables improved control and operational performance. FlexEdge provides a smart, secure, scalable solution to easily integrate complex multi-vendor environments into digital transformation strategies, while providing a modular, future-proof edge computing solution that is easy to change and upgrade as new requirements develop.

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Red Lion's Crimson® Software:
Delivering Real Time Monitoring of Critical Applications

Crimson software is a remarkable programming platform that delivers a powerful set of drag-and-drop configuration, visualization, control, data logging tools and remote access.


  • Convert up to 20 protocols simultaneously from over 300 supported drivers
  • An all-in-one environment that eliminates the need for multiple configuration tools
  • Connect to most MQTT cloud servers for data transfer over internet or for LAN communication via OPC UA
  • Rapidly build graphic interfaces with comprehensive image library of over 5,000 industrial graphics
  • Capabilities using full-featured C-type syntax programming environment to support advanced math, local variables, pass parameters, calls, return values and more
  • Ability to remotely access applications through OpenVPN, IpSec and GRE tunneling protocols
  • Advanced diagnostic tools useful for quicker troubleshooting with Wireshark captures, connection status, active routes etc.



Networking Gateway Today; Advanced IIoT Controller Tomorrow

Field unlockable software saves you time and money by eliminating the need to purchase and install new hardware when application needs change. Upgrading your application from a gateway to a controller has never been easier! FlexEdge is the ultimate Edge device.

Software Features

  Networking GatewayProtocol GatewayAdvanced IIoT GatewayAutomation Controller
 Web GUI
 IP fallback
 VPN Client/Server
 300+ Drivers 
 IIoT Connectors 
 SQL Sync  
 Data Logging  
 Virtual HMI  
 Advanced Web Server  
IEC control
 Crimson Control   

Design Your Custom FlexEdge Solution

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Rugged Outside. Reliable Inside.

FlexEdge provides a dependable solution for control, networking and data visualization in even the harshest environments.



  • Rugged enclosure
  • Operating temperature range of -40° to 75°C
  • Hazardous Location (HazLoc) Certifications including UL Class 1, Division 2, and ATEX/IECEx.


Rugged Outside. Reliable Inside.


Road to IT/OT

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OEM, Food Packaging
Application Note

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Mining Company
Application Note

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Easy Realization
of OpenVPN

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Implementing IIoT Solutions

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Bring New Life to Legacy I/O

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US Based Natural Gas Utility
Application Note

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Unlocking Efficiencies

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Harness the Power of AI

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Secure Connectivity for Utilities

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Upgrading Opportunity for Wastewater Plant
Application Note

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FlexEdge with HDMI

FlexEdge® with HDMI powered by Crimson®, you can effortlessly create real-time productivity scoreboard within minutes! By utilizing the onboard HDMI® port and the capabilities of Crimson, you can quickly deploy customized dashboards to a smart TV. Adapt the displays to meet your specific requirements using Crimson’s advanced programming capabilities.

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FlexEdge with HDMI

Base Units

DA50A 1-Sled Modular Gateway


The DA50A features one communication sled, and on-board I/O. A variety of serial and Ethernet ports enable easy integration to any application.


DA70A 3-Sled Modular Gateway with Scalable I/O


The modular design of the DA70A allows for up to three communications sleds to be added as requirements change or new communication standards emerge. Rugged, field-installable PID control and I/O modules ensure a solution that adapts to meet almost any industrial application need.

(1x232, 2x485 Serial Ports)
(2x232, 1x485 Serial Ports)
Networking GatewayDA50A0BNN0000010DA70A0GNNNNNN010DA70A0FNNNNNN010
Protocol GatewayDA50A0BNN0000020DA70A0GNNNNNN020DA70A0FNNNNNN020
Advanced IIoT GatewayDA50A0BNN0000030DA70A0GNNNNNN030DA70A0FNNNNNN030
Advanced IIoT Gateway
(HDMI® enabled)
Automation ControllerDA50A0BNN0000040DA70A0GNNNNNN040DA70A0FNNNNNN040
Automation Controller
(HDMI® enabled)


Communication and I/O

Communications Sleds


Communications Sleds

Avoid costly and complex rip-and-replace scenarios by adding new communications technologies as they become available.

DescriptionModel Number
4G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular Sled for North AmericaDAS00CL9C4SAM000
4G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular Sled for North America (Verizon)DAS00CL9C4SVZ000
4G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular Sled for EU, SE Asia, and Asia PacificDAS00CL9C4SEU000
4G LTE (Cat. 1) Cellular Sled for AustraliaDAS00CL9C1SAZ000
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi SledDAS00WF10N0AM000
Dual Ethernet Port SledDAS00PN1EE200000
CAN Protocol SledDAS00PN8CA6IS000
J1939 Protocol SledDAS00PN8J16IS000
Dual Isolated RS-232 Ports SledDAS00PN2221IS000
Dual Isolated RS-485 Ports SledDAS00PN2442IS000
Mixed Isolated RS-232/RS-485 Ports SledDAS00PN2245IS000
1 Port USB 2.0 Host SledDAS00PN40U400000

I/O and PID Control Modules

I/O and PID Control Modules

Rugged, field-installable PID control and I/O modules ensure a solution that adapts to almost any industrial application need.

DescriptionModel Number
Eight (8) Digital Inputs, Eight (8) SSR OutputsDAM00I0DI0000000
Eight (8) Digital Inputs, Eight (8) Relay OutputsDAM00I0DI0R00000
Six (6) Universal InputsDAM00I0UIN6I0000
Eight (8) Analog OutputsDAM00I00UT8I0000
Eight (8) Relay OutputsDAM00I08R0000000
I/O Mix Module with 2UIDAM00I0IN2DA0000
I/O Mix Module with 4UIDAM00I0IN4DA0000
Single PID, Relay and Analog OutputsDAM00PDP1RA00000
Single PID, SSR and Analog OutputsDAM00PDP1SA00000
Dual PID, Relay OutputsDAM00PDP2R000000
Dual PID, SSR OutputsDAM00PDP2S000000
Dual PID, SSR and Heater Current MonitorDAM00PDP2SM00000
Strain Gage with SSR OutputDAM00PDSG2SA0000
Strain Gage with Relay OutputDAM00PDSG2RA0000
High Speed Rate CounterDAM00I02C0000000
Note: Modules can only be added to DA70A models.
Modules cannot be added to Networking Gateway models.
Up to 10 modules max can be added to supporting models.



Design Your Custom FlexEdge Solution