Part #: GRAC0001


Red Lion’s Graphite® Edge Controller is a rugged standalone industrial controller that features all-metal construction and works with a variety of I/O modules to combine IEC 61131 control capabilities with networking and data visualization alongside the core Graphite functionality of protocol conversion, data logging and web serving.

Powerful Crimson 3.x Software with Crimson Control

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop graphical software for easy setup
  • Use industry-standard IEC 61131 programming languages such as ladder logic, function block, structured text and instruction list
  • Map over 300 drivers to other devices without the need for special gateways
  • Easy single-solution configuration eliminates need for third-party software

Versatile I/O Module & Expansion Options

Industry-Leading Protocol Conversion

  • Communicate with over 300 major industrial protocols
  • Support up to 18 simultaneous protocols
  • Translate between serial, USB and Ethernet devices
  • Manage multi-vendor environments with ease
  • OPC UA Client Driver
  • OPC UA Historical Access
  • Built-in MQTT connectors accelerate IIoT projects with point-and-click simplicity
    • Google Cloud
    • Amazon AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Sparkplug
    • Inductive Automation Ignition!
    • Ubidots
  • Store and Forward Buffering for Cloud Connectors

Rugged Environmental Specifications

  • Wide -40° to 70°C operating temperature
  • High shock and vibration tolerance
  • IP 20 rated
  • CE, UL/cUL and UL/cUL Hazardous approvals                 

Powerful Integration Functionality

  • Ethernet, USB and serial ports make communication simple
  • Built-in data logging enhances troubleshooting and helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Robust web server provides remote visualization, access and control to reduce costly site visits


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Backup Configuration Cards

SD001G00 - SD001G00 1GB SD Card
SD002G00 - SD002G00 2GB SD Card


GMCAN000 - GMCAN - Graphite® Module, CAN Protocol
GMDIOR00 - Digital Graphite Module, I/O, 8 Inputs, 6 Relay Outputs
GMDIOS00 - GMDIOS- Digital Graphite® Module, I/O, 8 Inputs, 6 Solid State Outputs
GMDN0000 - GMDN0000 - Graphite® Module, DeviceNet Protocol
GMINI800 - GMINI8- Graphite® Module, 8 DC Current Inputs
GMINV800 - GMINV8- Graphite® Module, 8 DC Voltage Inputs
GMJ19390 - GMJ1939 - Graphite® Module, J1939 Protocol
GMOUT400 - GMOUT4- Graphite® Module, 4 Analog Outputs
GMP1RA00 - GMP1RA- Graphite® Module, Single PID, Relay, Analog Outputs
GMP1RM00 - GMP1RM- Graphite® Module, Single PID, Relay, HCM
GMP1SA00 - GMP1SA- Graphite® Module, Single PID, SSR, Analog Outputs
GMP1SM00 - GMP1SM- Graphite® Module, Single PID, SSR Outputs, HCM
GMP2R000 - GMP2R- Graphite® Module, Dual PID, Relay Outputs
GMP2RM00 - GMP2RM- Graphite® Module, Dual PID, Relay, HCM Outputs
GMP2S000 - GMP2S- Graphite® Module, Dual PID, SSR Outputs
GMP2SM00 - GMP2SM- Graphite® Module, Dual PID, SSR, HCM Outputs
GMPBDP00 - GMPBDP00 - Graphite® Module, PROFIBUS DP Protocol
GMRTD600 - GMRTD6- Graphite® Module, 6 RTD Inputs
GMSG10R0 - GMSG1 Strain Gage Graphite® Module One Strain Gage Input, Relay Outputs
GMSG10S0 - Strain Gage Module 1 Strain Gage In, Solid State Out
GMSG11R0 - Two Input Graphite Strain Gage Module, Relay Outputs
GMSG11S0 - Strain Gage Module 2 Strain Gage In, Solid State Out
GMTC8000 - GMTC8- Graphite® Module, 8 Thermocouple Inputs
GMUIN400 - GMUIN4- Graphite® Module, 4 Universal Inputs

Expansion Racks

GEXRACK1 - Graphite® Wide Expansion Rack for Modules
GEXRACK2 - Graphite® Standard Expansion Rack for Modules

Expansion Rack Accessories

CBLUSBM0 - USB Tethering Cable, 0.5 M Metal Jacketed
CBLUSBM1 - USB Tethering Cable, 1 M Metal Jacketed
CBLUSBM2 - USB Tethering Cable, 2 M Metal Jacketed