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Unlock Your Most Valuable Asset -
Your Industrial Data

Today, one of the biggest challenges facing companies in the industrial world is secure access to accurate and real-time data. That is why Red Lion is focused on empowering industrial organizations around the world to unlock the value of data for real-time visibility that drives productivity. Our Access, Connect and Visualize product segments connect you to what matters most – your data.





Access Your Data

Red Lion’s data access products provide secure scalable solutions for cloud connectivity, edge intelligence and asset management.

Cloud Connectivity
The FlexEdge® intelligent platform integrates multi-vendor environments by coupling 300+ industrial protocols with cloud connectors allowing secure access to data via the cloud.

Edge Intelligence
Connect directly to sensors and actuators in the field and use custom logic to bring intelligence to the edge.

Asset Management
Red Lion’s secure remote access solutions have been designed from the ground up with an unyielding emphasis on security. Access your data and assets from virtually anywhere.



Keep Networks Connected

Red Lion’s industrial Ethernet switches provide ease of use, security, and reliability to meet IT/OT needs for dependable communication.

Ease of Use
Red Lion’s managed switches feature an intuitive web interface coupled with OT requirements making industrial Ethernet switches easy to use for OT and the right choice for IT.

Authenticated access and VLANS in our managed switch portfolio make sure your team is the only one accessing your devices.

Red Lion’s industrial networking portfolio is one of the most robust in the marketplace. Network redundancy and rugged design for harsh environments along with 2M+ hours of MTBF make sure your infrastructure is available.



Visualize Data Onsite or Virtually

Red Lion’s industry leading panel meters and operator panels allow you to acquire, manage, and interact with your data on site or virtually.

Red Lion industrial HMI panels integrate data across multiple devices and acquire data using 300+ industrial protocols. Data is available through the cloud with popular cloud connectors.

PID control and custom logic allows you to manage your data in on-site operations in a variety of applications including count, rate, time, voltage, current, process, strain gage and temperature inputs.

Interact with your data visually at the touch screen or virtually on a tablet or computer to schedule and view alerts, alarms and adjust process parameters.


Red Lion products help users to access, connect, and visualize data to accelerate their digital transformation. All products are IoT enabled to help our customers with their IT/OT conversions. Gaining access to data in a secure, scalable, and reliable way enables your IIoT journey. 50 years of experience in the industrial market leaves us in a unique position to provide the solutions you need.

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