ICM Serial Converters

Red Lion's ICM4/5 serial converters provide the capability of connecting equipment with RS-485 serial communications to equipment with RS-232 communications. The ICM4/5 features user-selectable full or half duplex operation for ease of deployment. This serial converter module converts physical media types, but does not convert data formats. The ICM5 can be configured for DTE or DCE operation, allowing the use of modem or null-modem cables.

The ICM8 is designed as an Ethernet gateway offering conversion of multiple protocol conversion for Red Lion panel meters. With two serial ports (one RS-232 and one RS-485) and a 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet Port, the unit performs protocol conversion, allowing Red Lion panel meters to communicate seamlessly to the Ethernet network.

The ICM4/5 each provide three LED lights for status that can be viewed from the front of the converter. The serial converter LEDs display power, as well as transmit and receive activity. Power is provided by 9 to 26 VDC via removable terminal block. The ICM5 also provides robust 3-way signal isolation, preventing undesirable interference. The unit is equipped with a universal mounting foot for attachment to standard DIN rail, including top hat profile rail according to EN50022 - 35 x 7.5 mm and 35 x 15 mm, and G profile DIN rail according to EN50035 - G32.

Programming the ICM8 unit can be accomplished via the RS-232 or the USB port using Crimson® software. It is important to note that this device is designed to function with Red Lion panel meters only and will not function if a Red Lion product is not connected to at least one of the serial ports. The ICM8s DIN-rail mounting saves time and panel space and snaps easily onto standard top hat (T) profile DIN rail.

Part # Type RS-232 Ports RS-485 Ports 10/100 Ports Operating Temp
ICM40030 Converter RS-232 to RS-422/485 1 1 - 0° to 50°C
ICM50000 Isolated Converter RS-232 to RS-422/485 1 1 - 0° to 50°C
ICM80000 Ethernet to serial device server 1 1 1 0° to 50°C