Customer Notice Regarding Crimson Software
Rev. March 25, 2024 [21:15]

On March 22, 2024, Red Lion units running our Crimson® software, versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 experienced communication failures due to an overflow condition on a register used for storing date/time information.

While symptoms varied from device to device, a power cycle or error acknowledgement was often required to return the units to normal operations. Following this, the units operated normally except for dates on data, alarm, and event logs starting with the date 1/1/1997. (Some Crimson® 3.1 units may have also experienced loss of connectivity to some cloud-based servers.)

This issue was caused by an internal Crimson® software bug, and not a cybersecurity event.

Crimson® 3.2 Users

On March 22, 2024, Red Lion released a new build of Crimson® 3.2 to its website. The update, Crimson® 3.2.1016.0 resolved the timestamp issue on data, alarm, and event logs.

WARNING: If you are updating a FlexEdge DA50 or DA70, and the the serial number contains a date before October 1st, 2022, as indicated by digits 3-9, (for example: YU01OCT22xxxxx) customers must ensure their current firmware version is Crimson® 3.2.0050.0 or later. In rare circumstances, failure to observe this requirement may render the device permanently inoperable. Crimson® 3.2.0050.0 can be downloaded by clicking here.


The updated Crimson® 3.2 is available from the link below:

Download Crimson 3.2.1016.0

If you need any further assistance, please contact Red Lion support via the methods listed below:
+1 (877) 432-9908
Red Lion Support


Crimson 3.2 - Programming software for FlexEdge® controllers, Graphite HMIs and Edge Controllers, DA10D, DA30D, CR3000 & CR1000 HMIs.

Crimson 3.1 - Programming software for CR3000 & CR1000 HMIs, Graphite® HMIs and Controllers, and E3 I/O™ modules.

Crimson 3.0 - Programming software for Graphite® HMIs, G3 and G3 Kadet HMI operator panels, Graphite Controllers, Modular Controller, Data Station Plus and E3 I/O™ Modules.

Crimson 2.1 – Programming software for PXU meters and controllers, PAX2, PAX, EPAX, LPAX, LD, CUB5 and ICM8 meters.

Crimson 2.0 - Programming software for ICM8, EPAX, LPAX, PAX®2, PAX, T16, T48, P16, P48 and CUB5 (Software Version 2.0 or higher). Also used to program the following G3 HMIs: G303 and G306 with monochrome display.

Unprecedented HMI Operator Interface Configuration & Control

 HMI Operator Interface Configuration & ControlChoose from over 300 drivers

With Crimson, simple applications can be set up quickly using a step-by-step process to configure communications protocols and define data tags for access. An extensive menu of built-in, point-and-click serial and Ethernet drivers map controller data to PLC registers in seconds. Built-in communications drivers inherently know how to talk to PLCs, PCs or SCADA systems—so no code is required to establish communication.

Red Lion’s Crimson software is a remarkable programming platform.

Delivering a powerful set of drag-and-drop configuration, display, control and data logging tools, Crimson was designed specifically to take full advantage of Red Lion's product architecture.

Red Lion's CR1000, CR3000Graphite and G3 HMIs, Graphite Core and Edge controllers, Modular Controller and Data Station Plus products have access to the widest used protocols in the automation market.

Here are just a few of the exclusive features and capabilities included with Crimson:

  • An extensive library of point-and-click device drivers to quickly establish communications between Red Lion products and any device
  • Built-in gateway and protocol converter to Ethernet-enable any connected device
  • Multi-lingual capability with support for thousands of characters used in formats like Cyrillic or Thai that lets OEMs use a single database for global markets
  • Complete library of over 5,000 industrial graphics in over 60 different categories
  • Full-featured C-type syntax programming environment to extend capabilities and use advanced math, local variables, pass parameters, calls, return values and more
  • Flexible, direct access to many internal Red Lion product features such as read/write to the SD card, manage serial ports, create TCP/IP connections to extract data from web sites or create custom interfaces to unique products

 HMI Operator Interface Configuration & Control

Over 5,000 graphics make configuring applications easy

 HMI Operator Interface Configuration & Control

C-type syntax programming provides maximum control

Best of all, Crimson is included at no additional charge with many Red Lion products.

Software updates, support, cabling instructions and communication drivers are included too. In fact, if a specific device driver does not exist, contact us regarding your requirements. Free online updates allow you to keep your version of Crimson current with the most up-to-date features.