Build the Perfect Solution.

With expansion rack options and plug-and-play module slots, Red Lion’s Graphite HMIs and controllers provide a scalable all-in-one platform to help integrate complex multi-vendor environments. Our rugged Graphite expansion racks work with the platform, allowing organizations to remotely mount an additional twelve plug-in modules to the back of a cabinet to scale operations without extensive wiring.

The Graphite racks come in wide and standard sizes, each supporting up to three plug-in modules. The wide rack, which is required for all expansion applications, is tethered via USB cable to each Graphite device. It also has a filtered power supply to help provide clean power to each attached Graphite HMI or controller in case of poor or fluctuating conditions. Standard racks mate directly to the wide rack through a connector that provides power and communication to all the modules. One wide rack and three standard racks can be installed for a maximum of twenty modules per tethered Graphite connection.

Graphite Expansion Racks