Industrial Controllers & RTUs

Industrial Controllers

Red Lion’s industrial controllers, powered by Crimson®, communicate with virtually anything in your system, provide data logging with cryptographic signature support, and offer advanced web serving and data visualization for a wide variety of applications.


FlexEdge® Intellegent Edge Automation Controller

Red Lion’s FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge Automation Platform brings industrial data together as never before to transform edge computing. FlexEdge provides a scalable solution to integrate complex multi-vendor environments into digital transformation strategies, while providing a futureproof solution for changing communication and application needs. Learn more.

Graphite Crimson Control Module

Graphite® Edge Controller

Red Lion’s Graphite® Edge controller natively supports IEC 61131 programming languages in a versatile form factor ideal for a variety of applications. With its rugged, all-metal construction and wide operating temperature, the Graphite Edge Controller is designed to operate in harsh environments.  Learn more.

Graphite Edge Controller

Graphite Crimson® Control Module

Red Lion’s Graphite Crimson® Control Module plugs into Graphite HMIs to form an all-in-one industrial solution that adds IEC 61131 control capabilities without requiring additional panel space or a separate programming package. Learn more.

Graphite Crimson Control Module

Industrial RTUs


Red Lion’s Sixnet® series industrial RTUs are available in a wide variety of models and are ideal for advanced automation environments. Available in different sizes, communication ports, and on-board I/O options, our industrial RTUs provide the control required for today’s toughest industrial applications. Learn more.

IPm Series