Crimson 3

Crimson® 3.0 Hardware Support

G07 Supported. 

G09 Supported. 

G10 Supported. 

G12 Supported. 

G15 Supported. 

G3 Kadets Supported. 

G3 Kadets Supported. 

G303S/M Not Currently Supported.

G306A Supported.

G306M Not Currently Supported.

G308C/A Revision 2 Hardware Only.

G310C/S Revision 2 Hardware Only.

G315 Supported.

Data Station Supported. (after 2007)

DSPZR Supported.

E3 I/O Module Supported.

Modular Controller Supported. (after 2007)

PTV Supported.

StratusConnect MC Supported.


C2 to C3 File Conversion

All models supported, except for Modular Controller, G303 and G306M.

For users whose products are not supported by Crimson 3.0 please download the latest version of Crimson 2.0 here.