Process Control Sensors


Red Lion® provides a wide variety of sensors to work in conjunction with your panel meters and controllers. Red Lion's sensors have been specified and and tested to work with our products. Sensors include analog, digital and other process specific sensors, you should feel confident in the quality and performance of this equipment.  

Analog Sensors

Current Sensors

Whether you are measuring heater current or simply the current in a line, we have the right solution. Our sensors include current transducers, current transformers and current shunts in various inputs. Our product offering includes fixed or split-core models for easy installation. Learn more.

Temperature Sensors

Red Lion offers a wide variety of temperature sensors. Both RTD and thermocouples sensors are available in various mounting configurations to satisfy your application requirements. Includes quick disconnects field-cuttable and amplifiers. 
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Digital Sensors

Shaft-Mount Encoders

Shaft Encoders

Our shaft encoder offering includes both flange mount and servo mount style sensors. The range also includes light duty to heavy duty models with single or bi-directional output capability. 
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Thru-bore Encoders

Our thru-bore encoder offering includes various mounting options and shaft hole diameters to fit your application. The range also includes models with single or bi-directional output capability. 
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Length Sensors

Our wheeled sensors are perfect for full contact measuring, whether it is counting or speed indication. Select from our miniature, general duty or heavy duty models. Various wheels and mounting brackets available. Learn more.

Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors detect the presence of metal objects which come within range of their oscillating field and provide target detection to “zero speed”. We offer various sizes and diameters to meet the many applications. Learn more.

Magnetic Sensors

These low cost sensors are ideal sensor for speed sensing applications. Used commonly with sensing gears, we offer various sizes for your application. Threaded or non-threaded models. Learn more.

Motor Mounts and Gears

Red Lion provides a complete line of sensing gears and motor mounts. The motor mounts include ARC rings with magnetic sensors or encoders depending on application requirements. Learn more.