FlexEdge® Module, Strain Gage with Relay Output Module

Part #: DAM00PDSG2RA0000


Easily add strain gage input single loop PID capabilities to a DA70 FlexEdge controller to monitor and control almost any application. With wide operating temperature range and robust industrial certifications, FlexEdge I/O modules are designed to thrive in harsh environments. 

Strain Gage module for the DA70
PID control with reduced overshoot
Load Cell, Pressure and Torque bridge inputs
Three Form A relay outputs
Software selectable low level inputs (20 mV, 33 mV or 200 mV full scale)
Software selectable 5 VDC or 10 VDC bridge excitation
Digital Tare (re-zero), Batch Totalizer, and Peak/Valley (max/min) recording
On demand auto-tuning of PID settings
DC analog output
Auto addressing minimizes configuration time
Fully isolated design provides reliable operation
Configured using Crimson® software (version 3.2 or later)
-40 to 75 C Operating Temperature
Class 1, Div 2

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