ISaGRAF Open Workbench for up to 256 I/O

Part #: SX-1131-S-256

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Graphical Programming
ISaGRAF combines ladder logic with powerful function blocks to give you the simplicity of a PLC, and the performance of a high-end process controller.
Text Programming
IEC 1131 statement language uses simple text that is easy to learn and maintain.
Multi-Tasking Organization
Sequential Function Charts organize your programs into tasks or sequential steps. Each block may be a ladder diagram, function diagram, statement program or instruction list.
Online Program Changes
Improve processes without waiting for shutdowns. The ISaGRAF "Workbench" lets you make program changes on the fly.
ISaGRAF program and system configuration files are stored in the Sixnet® controller or RTU, so you can find them years from now, or access them over a modem from your off-site office.
Program Simulation
ISaGRAF provides a program simulator that shows how your program works before the actual startup. You can develop and debug your programs quickly and easily in Windows, then load them into a Sixnet Controller or industrial RTU.  ISaGRAF program and system configuration files are stored in the Sixnet device, so you can find them years from now. 
Direct Sixtag References
The tag names from the Sixnet I/O Tool Kit software translate directly to ISaGRAF. They flow readily to your program logic, saving significant programming time.
Portable Program Operation
Sixnet ISaGRAF programs can interchangeably run in a Sixnet controller (replacing your PLC), RTU or in a Windows computer without having to rewrite your program.