PX2FCA10 - FlexCard™ - Heater Current Monitor Card

Part #: PX2FCA10


For Use in PAX2 units with FlexBus®option.
A/D Conversion: 16 bit, 6.8 samples/second
Input Specifications:
Type: Single phase, full wave monitoring of load currents
Input: 100 mA AC output from current transformer (RLC p/n CT005001 or equiv.)
Input Resistance: 5 Ω
Accuracy: ±1.0% full scale, 5 to 100% of range
Frequency: 50 to 400 Hz
Overload: 200 mA (continuous)
Output on time delay for break alarm: 1 second
Output Specifications: Four Solid-State NFET outputs
Type: Switched DC, N Channel open drain MOSFET
Current Rating: 1 A DC max
VDS ON: < 0.2 V @ 1 A
VDS Max: 30 VDC
Offstate Leakage Current: 0.5 μA max.
Output Power Supply (+Vout): 18 to 25 VDC @ 40 mA maximum