SIXNET® Tool Kit-Level 1 Plus 1 Feature Set

Part #: SXTOOLS-2


Configure, calibrate and test Sixnet® I/O modules and controllers. Provides basic configuration and maintenance tools for Sixnet hardware, and is supplied at no cost to purchasers of Sixnet products. A number of optional feature sets and IPm® add-ons are available to enhance the capabilities of your Sixnet systems.
Optional Features Sets:
SCS (Scalable Control System) Features
This feature set includes importing, tag name exporting to other applications and I/O transfers between Sixnet and Modbus devices. 
Note: This SCS option is required when using the ISaGRAF Workbench to develop ISaGRAF 
This feature set includes Sixlog datalogging, automatic host transfers and client transfers and the Datalog Server.
Note: The Datalogging feature set is required if you will be using the optional Citect Datalog Server add-on or the API 21.1 datalogging capability of the AGA add-on.
IPm Advanced Features
Gain access to LINUX-visible features in IPm controllers, including file loading and advanced diagnostics using Telnet and/or ftp. This feature set includes the IPm Advanced Development Kit, which provides a library of functions to access the IPm I/O registers and the ability to write C programs for use in your IPm controllers.