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IP67 Connector-CAT5
1" DIN Rail Clip
1.5" DIN Rail Clip
SFP Transceiver-Copper RJ45
SFP Transceiver-Singlemode 100km
SFP Transceiver-Multimode 100Mbs 2km
SFP Transceiver-Singlemode 30km
SFP Transceiver-Multimode 100Mbs 4km
SFP Transceiver-Singlemode 60km
SFP Transceiver-Gig Fiber Multimode 550m
SFP Transceiver-Gig Fiber Singlemode 10km
SFP Transceiver-Gig Fiber Multimode 2km
SFP Transceiver-Gig Fiber Singlemode 30km
SFP Transceiver-Gig Fiber Singlemode 50km
SFP Transceiver-Gig Fiber Singlemode 80km
Phone Modem-General Purpose Dial Up 33.6K
Phone Modem-PLC Self-Dialing & Auto-Answer 33.6K
Phone Modem-RS422/RS-485 Port & 10-52 VDC Power
Phone Modem-Leased-Lined (2-Wire Only)
Phone Modem-Advanced 56K
100/1000 Series Panel Mount Kit