PM-50 Digital Input Graphical Meter - 4.3"

Part #: PM500D0400800F00

  • Universal Digital (pulsed) Inputs
  • 4.3" (1/8 DIN) 18-bit color display with resistive touchscreen and swipe gesture
  • DC powered, AC powered with optional module
  • Choice of programming options
  • Data Access Point; communication choices - Wi-Fi®, RS-485/Modbus and optional Ethernet or RS-232
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 sealed front bezel


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PMM000CM23200000 - PM-50 RS232 Serial Communications Module
PMM000CMENT00000 - PM-50 Ethernet Communications Module
PMM000I0AN000000 - PM-50 Analog Output Module
PMM000I0RL200000 - PM-50 Dual Setpoint Relay Output Module
PMM000I0RL400000 - PM-50 Quad Setpoint Relay Output Module
PMM000PWACP00000 - PM-50 AC to DC Power Module

Protective Film

PMA000SP00800000 - Pack of ten protective films for PM-50 4.3"