Part #: AFCM0001


Programmable via detachable display front (PGMMOD05 or PGMMODC1 - see accessories).
Process calibration, signal simulation, password protection, error diagnostics and selection of help text in several languages.
Programming module can be left attached to function as a display, if desired.

  • Input for RTD, TC, Ohm, potentiometer, mA and V
  • Frequency output NPN, PNP and TTL
  • Generates frequencies from 0.001 to 25000 Hz
  • Universal AC or DC supply


  • Linearized, electronic temperature measurement with RTD or TC sensor
  • Conversion of linear resistance variation to a frequency signal, e.g. from solenoids and butterfly valves or linear movements with attached potentiometer
  • Power supply and signal isolator for 2-wire transmitters
  • Process control by way of a frequency signal transmitted to e.g. a PLC or a process computer
  • Galvanic separation and conversion of analog signals to frequency signals


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PGMMOD05 - PGMMOD05 Signal Conditioner Programming Module
PGMMODC1 - Signal Conditioner Detachable Communications Module