ZMD - Miniature Length Sensor, Quadrature Output, 1000 PPR

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  • ZMD


  • 1000 PPR
  • Compact Size
  • Quadrature Output, NPN OC Outputs
  • Built-in Spring Tensioning
  • Vertical, Horizontal, Or Upside-down Mounting
  • 4.75 to 28 VDC Power
  • Maximum Speed 6000 RPM
  • Red Lion

Software & Firmware: 

Red Lion
Price: $319.00


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Mounting Brackets

RPGMB002 - ZMD Mounting Bracket


WI0006OF - Urethane 6 inch Wheel
WI0006OK - Knurled 6 inch Wheel
WM0200OF - Urethane 200 mm Wheel
WM0200OK - Knurled 200 mm Wheel

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Model Name Price Quantity
ZMD1000B ZMD - Miniature Length Sensor, Quadrature Output, 1000 PPR

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