Repair Request FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Repairs

Q. Why do we require an authorization number to be obtained before returning a unit for repair?
A. An authorization number helps us efficiently process repairs. When a box is received with an authorization number clearly marked on the outside of the box, we can quickly separate it from the many other boxes we receive and send it on its way to the Repair Dept.
An authorization number also allows us to have all pertinent information regarding the repair in our system ahead of time. This allows us to verify information and more quickly get to the business of repairing the unit.

Q. Why do we want a problem description?
A. A problem description helps us efficiently process the repair. Problem descriptions allow the technician performing the repair to go directly to the repair process. Then after the repair is made the unit can be fully tested. Without a problem description, the technician must start off by running the unit through tests to identify the problem, and then perform repairs, only to run the unit through the tests again.

Q. Why don’t we provide repair estimates?
A. Our policy is that we will not exceed 40% list price of a new unit. We don’t give an exact estimate specific to the unit being returned for repair because in order to give an accurate estimate, the repair work must be performed.

Q. Why did I get charged for repair of a unit that was under warranty?
A. Red Lion makes every effort to cover units under warranty. Unfortunately, we cannot cover customer misuse. In instances where we charge for repair of a unit, specific evidence of misuse is present. In addition, our repair description will specify the nature of the misuse so that our customer can avoid making the same mistake twice.

Q. Can cosmetic repairs be requested?
A. If you desire cosmetic repairs to be performed you must specify your desire in the problem description. Our goal is to return a functioning unit at minimal cost. We will gladly make a unit look new if requested. It is important to note, Red Lion will not return repaired units in restocking condition.

Q. What happened to my unit programming?
A. Our testing process requires that we reprogram most units. Generally we investigate customer program parameters to make certain that the program is not the nature of the fault. In some cases, we will even operate with customer programming, if we suspect the fault is specific to the program. After this, we wipe it clean and start over. It is recommended that before sending a unit in for repair, all programming parameters be documented.

Q. What do I do if I need a replacement unit immediately?
A. There are Advance Replacement units available, upon request. You would need to present a credit card or send us in a Purchase Order. If the unit is under warranty and the problem is found to be the fault of RLC and unable to be repaired, we will credit the original PO and dispose of the damaged unit. If the damage is found to be the cause of misuse or the fault of the customer, you will be expected to pay for both units. If unit is out of warranty, no credit will be given.

Q. Can I send a unit in for calibration?
A. Yes, regardless of warranty status, a calibration fee will be charged.

Q. Can I send a unit in for repair even if my company is not an authorized Red Lion distributor?
A. Yes, if your company is not an authorized Red Lion distributor and if repair fees are incurred, we will contact you for credit card information.