FlexEdge® Communication Sleds

One Platform. Limitless Potential.

Instantly leverage new communications technologies as they become available with field-installable sleds.
From factory automation to rugged remote applications, FlexEdge communications sleds feature wide operating temperature ranges and industrial certifications including UL Class 1, Div. II, and ATEX/IECEx approvals for reliable operations. Future-proof your installation and avoid costly and complex rip-and-replace scenarios by enabling your organization to leverage new communications technologies as they become available.

Add 4G LTE cellular communication with active GPS to any application, and provide high speed Cat. 4 connectivity to enable real time monitoring or control capabilities. In router mode, cellular sleds provide multi-carrier support with pre-loaded carrier profiles to ensure connectivity in almost any market. 

Model NumberDescription
DAS00CL9C4SAM0004G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular Sled for North America
DAS00CL9C4SVZ0004G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular Sled for North America (Verizon)
DAS00CL9C4SEU0004G LTE (Cat. 4) Cellular Sled for EU, SE Asia, and Asia Pacific
DAS00CL9C1SAZ0004G LTE (Cat. 1) Cellular Sled for Australia


Providing reliable 802.11b/g/n communications, the FlexEdge Wi-Fi sled can offer client or access point mode, depending on controller choice, in a small form factor.

Model NumberDescription
DAS00WF10N0AM000802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Sled


Dual Ethernet 
This rugged, field-installable sled adds two additional Ethernet ports to any application. Each interface is independently routable, or bridgeable.

Model NumberDescription
DAS00PN1EE200000Dual Ethernet Ports Sled


CAN and J1939 
These rugged, field-installable sleds add CAN and J1939 protocol communications.

Model NumberDescription
DAS00PN8CA6IS000CAN Protocol Sled
DAS00PN8J16IS000J1939 Protocol Sled


With FlexEdge serial port sleds, users can ensure communication with virtually any fieldbus device. Featuring up to 5,000 Vrms isolation, these field-installable sleds are available in three port configurations to suit applications requiring high port density.

Model NumberDescription
DAS00PN2221IS000Dual Isolated RS-232 Ports Sled
DAS00PN2442IS000Dual Isolated RS-485 Ports Sled
DAS00PN2245IS000Mixed Isolated RS=232/RS-485 Ports Sled


USB Host
Use the USB Host sled to connect common Human Interface Device (HID) peripherals to the platform such as a keyboard or mouse, expand the already huge 256 GB micro SD external storage capacity by adding a memory stick or load new configurations in the field.

Model NumberDescription
DAS00PN40U4000001 Port USB 2.0 Host Sled


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