Signal Conditioners

Red Lion® provides a broad selection of signal conditioning products for frequency, temperature and process applications. Our signal conditioning solutions range from dedicated to universal models capable of accepting over 100 inputs, which allows these units to be used almost anywhere.

Frequency Input

IFMA Signal Conditioners

IFMA Signal Conditioning Line

Red Lion's IFMA signal conditioning products accept frequency inputs from 1 Hz to 25 KHz and provides an analog output proportional to the input signal. User selectable current/voltage output allows for easy deployments in many applications. The IFMA includes universal input and 3-way isolation. Learn more.

IFMR Signal Conditioners

 IFMR Signal Conditioning Line

The IFMR signal conditioning line from Red Lion accepts frequency inputs from .1 Hz to 25 KHz and provides outputs including over-speed, under-speed or zero-speed detection. With the built-in single relay output, the IFMR series can be set to trip anywhere from .1 Hz to 25 KHz. This product line supports universal input, alarm latching and resetting. Learn more.

Temperature Inputs

See the IAMS signal conditioner under process inputs. Learn more.

IRMA Signal Conditioners

IRMA Signal Conditioning Line

Measuring RTDs at a distance can be a challenge, but with the IRMA signal conditioing line from Red Lion, remote RTD monitoring is easy. The IRMA accepts 2, 3 and 4 wire sensors and converts the signal to a 4 to 20 mA output. Several options are available on the IRMA including loop powered and sensor break detection. Learn more.

ITMA Signal Conditioners

ITMA Signal Conditioning Line

Red Lion's ITMA signal conditioing line makes remotely monitoring thermocouples or millivolt signals easy. The ITMA accepts industry standard thermocouple inputs and converts the signal to a 4 to 20 mA output. Available options include loop powered and sensor break detection. Learn more.

Process Inputs

IAMS Signal Conditioners

IAMS Signal Conditioning Line

The IAMS from Red Lion is our most versatile signal conditioning product line. It can accept over 100 different combinations of signals, including process, DC current, DC voltage, thermocouples, RTDs, potentiometers, and linear resistance signals allowing most devices to be connected to most sensors. Our IAMS supports setpoints, analog output, 3-way isolation, and a programming module. Learn more.

IAMA Signal Conditioners

IAMA Signal Conditioning Line

Red Lion's IAMA signal conditioning line features over 100 analog I/O conversion combinations and offers linear or square root extraction models. The IAMA is perfect for process control applications and supports easy set-up, 3-way isolation, and universal input power. Learn more.

IAMA0006 Signal Conditioner

IAMA0006 Signal Conditioning Product

Red Lion's IAMA0006 signal conditioner features an ultra-slim, small form-factor design. Supporting 35 I/O conversion combinations for the most common industrial applications. With its .244" (6 mm) overall width, this slim-line model can fit almost anywhere. The IAMA0006 offers 3-way analog isolation and DIP switches for easy configuration. Learn more.

AIMI Signal Conditioners

AIMI Signal Conditioning Line

Red Lion’s AIMI signal conditioning line provides passive electrical isolation and processing of analog 0 to 20 mA, or 4 to 20 mA current signals. The AIMI is loop powered and perfect for connecting control and process equipment. Learn more.

AFCM Signal Conditioners

AFCM Signal Conditioning Line

The AFCM line of signal conditioning products from Red Lion convert process current/voltage signals to user definable output frequency signals. Providing simple operation, the AFCM is available with 0 to 5 Hz or 0 to 10 KHz models. Learn more.