Cellular M2M Products

Red Lion offers the broadest range of cellular M2M routers and RTUs available on the market today. Featuring standards-based, enterprise-class capabilities, our cellular routers and RTUs enable secure, reliable data access, anywhere, anytime.

Cellular Routers

Cellular RoutersRed Lion’s Sixnet® series IndustrialPro® SN 6000 cellular routers offer secure and reliable remote connectivity to deployed assets that utilize cellular carrier networks. Ideal for harsh environments, our rugged industrial routers provide easy wireless communication between SCADA servers, RTUs, PLCs, remote I/O and other Ethernet and serial connected devices such as security cameras or industrial sensors. Learn More.


Cellular RTUs

Cellular RTUsRed Lion’s RAM® 6000 and 9000 industrial cellular RTUs provide a secure all-in-one platform to remotely connect, monitor and control assets across industries that include utilities, oil, gas and water/wastewater. By seamlessly connecting to existing Modbus or DNP3 enabled devices such as PLCs and other remote equipment, our industrial cellular RTUs provide instant access to data from pumps, valves, reclosers, transformer capacitor banks and meters. Learn More.

Sixnet IndustrialPro SN Routers


RAM 9000 Cellular RTUs
RAM 6000 Cellular RTUs


We also offer a wide range of cellular product accessories to meet application requirements.
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