FlexEdge® I/O Modules

Massively scalable. Effortlessly deployable.

Red Lion’s FlexEdge® Intelligent Edge Automation Platform provides a scalable solution to integrate complex multi-vendor environments into digital transformation strategies, while providing a futureproof solution for changing application needs. The FlexEdge controller provides power to up to ten modules; in turn, the hot-swappable I/O module’s configuration is restored by the controller upon reconnect, eliminating the need for reprogramming during field maintenance and reducing downtime.

On-device wiring diagrams and removable wire clamp screw terminal blocks ease installation, while the at-a-glance module status indicator and individual channel LEDs improve troubleshooting and system testing. In addition, FlexEdge I/O modules feature a wide operating temperature range for reliable operation in rugged environments.

Data Acquisition
Monitoring and controlling remote devices is easy and intuitive with FlexEdge data acquisition modules. Featuring Digital I/O, Analog and Universal inputs, easily connect any device or sensor to the platform. Inputs are isolated from outputs, and are independently configurable for high or low active status through our intuitive Crimson® programming environment. 

Model Number Description
DAM00I0DI0000000 Eight (8) Digital Inputs, Eight (8) SSR Outputs
DAM00I0DI0R00000 Eight (8) Digital Inputs, Eight (8) Relay Outputs
DAM00I0UIN6I0000 Six (6) Universal Inputs
DAM00I00UT8I0000 Eight (8) Analog Outputs
DAM00I08R0000000 Eight (8) Relay Outputs
DAM00I0IN2DA0000 Mixed I/O Two (2) Universal Inputs, Eight (8) Digital Inputs/Outputs, Two (2) Analog Outputs
DAM00I0IN4DA0000 Mixed I/O Four (4) Universal Inputs, Three (3) Digital Inputs/Outputs, Two (2) Analog Outputs
DAM00PDP1RA00000 Single PID, Relay and Analog Outputs
DAM00PDP1SA00000 Single PID, SSR and Analog Outputs
DAM00PDP2R000000 Dual PID, Relay Outputs
DAM00PDP2S000000 Dual PID, SSR Outputs
DAM00PDP2SM00000 Dual PID, SSR and Heater Current Monitor


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