Sensor Product Comparison

Part # Function Type Temp Range Sheath/Insulation Material Connection PPR Shaft/Bore Size Quadrature Shafts Size/Range Min. Gear Pitch Mounting
ZSD0100A Servo Mount, Dual Channel Cable 100 Shaft Mount
ZUK2500H 7-Pin MS 2500 1.125" Thru Bore
ZFH0500C General Duty Length Measurement 10 Foot Cable 500 Yes Single
ZMD1000B Miniature Length Measurement 2 Meter Cable 1000 Yes
MP37TAC1 General Duty Magnetic Pick-ups M12 3/8" Threaded 32 D.P.
ZRL1024A Encoder Motor Ring Kits 1024 1" 56C to 184C
TMPA2S02 Field Cuttable Sensor Probes 385 -200° to 600°C / -328° to 1112°F Fiberglass
TMPK2SU3 Field Cuttable Sensor Probes K -200° to 200°C / -328° to 400°F High Temp Glass
TMPKTJ02 Transition Joint Probes K Inconel 600 1/8
ZBH00122 Standard Duty, Dual Channel 6-Pin MS 12 Shaft Mount
ZCH0500C General Duty, Dual Channel Cable 500 Shaft Mount
ZNH0500H 2.5" Flange Mount, Dual Channel 7-Pin MS 500 Shaft Mount
ZOH0500A 36" Cable 500 0.375" Thru Bore
ZSD0500A Servo Mount, Dual Channel Cable 500 Shaft Mount
ZUL1024Z Motor Feedback 10-Pin MS 1024 1" Thru Bore
ZGG00/3C General Duty Length Measurement 10 Foot Cable 0.333 No Dual
ZMD2000B Miniature Length Measurement 5 Meter Cable 2000 Yes
MP62TA00 General Duty Magnetic Pick-ups 10 Foot Cable 5/8" Threaded 24 D.P.
EMDC2000 Miniature Photo Sensors Emitter (Opposed Beam) 2 Meter Cable Up to 66'
TMPE2SU1 Field Cuttable Sensor Probes E -200° to 260°C / -328° to 500°F Neoflon PFA