RA50C Compact Remote Access Routers

G3 HMI Operator Interface Panels

The RA50C is a compact din-rail mountable industrial router for remote access. It offers secure IP-based access to Ethernet devices and networks through the RLConnect24 portal.

Remote Access
The RA50C compact remote access router enables secure IP-based access to remote networks and equipment through on-board Ethernet, 4G LTE cellular (AT&T), or Wi-Fi communication. With an integrated Ethernet switch, it is easy to connect local IP-based assets.

Remotely access the RA50C or connected equipment using RLAccess client software, which establishes a secure VPN tunnel using OpenVPN.


 Model NumberDescription
 RA50CR0000R000D0RA50C with WAN Ethernet
 RA50CR4A00R000D0RA50C with 4G Cellular (AT&T)
 RA50CR4E00R000D0RA50C with 4G Cellular (EU)
 RA50CR0W00R000D0RA50C with Wi-Fi