Sensor Product Comparison

Part # Function Input Output Type Sheath/Insulation Material Connection PPR Shaft/Bore Size Case Construction Size/Range Min. Gear Pitch Mounting
CTD00000 DC/DC Current Transducer DC Current 4 to 20 mA Split Case
ZBG06002 Standard Duty, Single Channel 6-Pin MS 600 Shaft Mount
ZCG0100C General Duty, Dual Channel Cable 100 Shaft Mount
ZHG12004 Heavy Duty, Single Channel 6-Pin MS 1200 Shaft Mount
ZOD1200A 36" Cable 1200 0.25" Thru Bore
ZPJ1200A 36" Cable 1200 0.625" Thru Bore
ZUK0600H 7-Pin MS 600 1.125" Thru Bore
LMPEC000 Stainless Steel Magnetic Pick-ups Emitter Follower 3-Pin MS 0.75" Cylindrical 24 D.P.
ARCJ2BZ0 Motor Ring Kits Hess 1 3/8" 213TC, 215TC, 245UC, 256UC
PSAC0025 Stainless Steel Proximity Sensors NPN OC 25 Foot Cable Stainless Steel 0.75" Cylindrical
TMPJQD03 Quick Disconnect Probes J 304SS 1/8
TMPTQD02 Quick Disconnect Probes T Inconel 600 1/16
CTL0052S AC Current Transducer 2 to 5 A 4 to 20 mA Split Case
ZBG06003 Standard Duty, Single Channel M12 600 Shaft Mount
ZCG0120C General Duty, Dual Channel Cable 120 Shaft Mount
ZOD2000A 36" Cable 2000 0.25" Thru Bore
ZPJ2000A 36" Cable 2000 0.625" Thru Bore
ZUK1000H 7-Pin MS 1000 1.125" Thru Bore
MP25TA00 General Duty Magnetic Pick-ups 6 Inch Wires 1/4" Threaded 48 D.P.
ZRJ0256A Encoder Motor Ring Kits 256 0.625" 56C to 184C